This week (in case you missed the memo) I’ve started two weeks of travel which will include Portugal and Morocco – two destinations well known for their ceramic tiles, which I’m almost certain I may end up carrying home on the plane (kitchen remodel!). But one look at this home in Havana, and I’m already thinking this may have to be my next destination of choice…

havana home in peach and aqua with midcentury furniture and murano chandelier

I’m infatuated with the rich combination of color going on in this living room where peach mid-century furniture lives with decades old wallpaper, gorgeous tile floors, and that stunning murano chandelier. The owners – an artist and his wife – have spent years restoring the home and bringing their own personality to it as well.

And for the second week in a row, I’m posting a Room of the Week that features some stunning tile work. A coincidence? I think not. I’m obviously obsessed.

a stunning havana home with historical details havana home dining room with art and a statement chandelier

The exposed plaster walls might be my favorite feature – that they decided to leave them and show the true age of the building is a beautiful decision. In contrast with the polished floors and modern furnishings, it certainly makes for an eclectic combination. And of course, those sky high ceilings that make for dramatic entrances.

a havana home filled with art and color

The man of the house is a Cuban artist, and his paintings line the walls throughout the home… for a bit more of a peek, you can see the entire estate here.

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