Ok, guys. I know I’ve been posting a lot of homes that are feeling very granny for some of you, so I’m making a promise that the next one will be a bit more modern, but how could I not post this happy, whimsical design so close to Valentine’s Day!? This romantic eclectic house tour is pure shabby chic with a bit of bohemian thrown in for good measure, and the look is truly one-of-a-kind.

This home belongs to creative, Violet Dent, who I’ve been following on instagram for some time now. Her home always perks me up when I come across it, so I was really thrilled to see it featured recently in House & Garden.

fresh shabby chic dining room with striped drapes and layered woods | violet dent house tour granny chic romantic style in this eclectic layered dining room |violet dent house tour

There are so many details and collections packed into this tiny London flat that it’s hard to know where to look first! The expert eye it takes to create these spaces without feeling overwhelmed by them is a testament to Violet’s eclectic – yet cohesive – style. The pervasive pink helps set the tone, while consistent elements (like wicker and roses!), maintain the look throughout.

pink and yellow feminine living room | violet dent romantic eclectic house tour

This room makes me smile so much!! It feels like my inner child, my 20-something girly girl, and my future 70-something grandma self all wrapped up in one happy space.

That said – I’m not actually sure I could live in this – but it speaks to pieces of me that applaud the spirit it takes to create such a fun room. Not to mention the hoarder in me who loves a good trinket or fabulous art find, and passes up so many of them because I simply don’t have the space.

pink stripes and girly art | violet dent eclectic romantic house tour violet dent at home house tour

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the small things that really help a room out, and in this room it’s the built-in shelving.  The fact that they are so deep helps provide great storage, and that they are minimal (vs. a set of vintage cabinets, for example), helps keep the space around these layered collections feeling clean.

collection of fabric swatches as art arranged over mantel | violet dent romantic eclectic house tour shabby chic kitchen vibes | violet dent house tour

The kitchen is the one area in which I think I would have made some different decisions. The cabinets are a bit modern (maybe some funky brass handles?), while the storage seems a little impractical. I would love to see some floating wood shelves mixed in with that oversized pink tile!  I suppose in person it probably works best, given that the kitchen opens up to the dining room where there is a lot going on, visually.

a vintage storage piece provides a home for bits and baubles | violet dent house tour fun hallway packed with art granny chic style | violet dent house tour

Holy hallway!!! Now, this is a space I can get behind when it comes to going maximalist. If you like this look, but know you can’t possibly manage it in every room of the house, transition spaces (like hallways) or tiny rooms (like powder rooms) are the perfect opportunity to try layering up more and seeing how it feels.

I’m also going to point out the fabulously strategic placement of this vintage floral curtain – not only is it a fun little layered element but it’s hiding a little row of storage behind it that you can see below. So rather than peeking straight into another room and hall filled with items, you get a little break up of the spaces. Genius!

a grand bed in a small bedroom with lots of little collections | violet dent romantic eclectic house tour layered art and texture in a small bedroom | violet dent house tour

In the bedroom, more layers of art, wood, wicker, and nostalgia ensue, but in a neutral palette. I love the fireplace mantel built-in as layered bed frame! Apparently she took it from her parent’s former home, and repurposed it here. Clever! I also love the checkerboard rug, as it mimics the actual tile in the adjoining bath.

hat collection on walls | violet dent's romantic eclectic house tour funky eclectic clawfoot bath with checkerd floors

I will admit that the bath decor is a bit much for me – I’d like my bubble bath time to be a bit more zen. I’d probably leave more white walls in here. But what a luxury to have a little tub like this one to soak in!

As with the rest of the house, baskets abound as storage, as do the floral motifs.

a leaning ladder as storage in the bath | violet dent romantic eclectic house tour

Are you inspired by this home!? I know I am! Like with many home tours, there is always something to be learned or taken from, even if the entire space isn’t your look. For me, it’s the collections of art, and the way items are displayed in such a lovely layered way that I feel like I could incorporate a bit more into areas of my own home.

But beyond that, it’s bringing a little playfulness to a space! Romance and whimsy, and not being afraid to go for for MORE. 

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