Growing up in LA, I always loved the unique shape of concrete blocks used in architecture to create breezeways. To this day, I still have a nostalgia for those patterns, which may explain why I was so immediately drawn to this apartment! While the material and application is different, the idea is similar.

Using hollow brick, but turning them out to expose the pattern, and filling them with plaster, TEd’A arquitectes created a holiday home by the sea with walls that rival the visual pleasure of the view itself… Of course, it’s not just the brick that’s the star of the show here, btu the use of tile that’s so incredibly unique, along with raw wood… it’s all so warm and amazing.

Also, here’s a crazy fact: this project was started in 2013, well before this style of tile was trending. Even the entrance to the apartments is unique, combining a variety of shapes and patterns in the vile from the ground up. The best part? The materials are very affordable. This type of brick is used mostly for heat or moisture management, so it’s not custom, it’s just a different style. Pretty cool, huh? All the terra cotta hues here are making me swoon. It feels so Mediterranean! And indeed, this apartment is located in Mallorca, where all this tile, I’m sure, helps in temperature control with the intensity of the sun! Outside, the decks offer a little privacy while still allowing for views of the sea…  I don’t know about you, but I have a sudden urge to terra cotta my entire house.

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