To say it’s been a heck of week here at the house is an understatement. It feels like I’ve spent every waking hour moving boxes and furniture! Between shuttling all my props from the old office to the new office,  moving our makeshift basement kitchen into our brand new gorgeous remodeled kitchen (more on that soon!) and pushing furniture around our living room … well, I’m pretty damn exhausted! The good news is, we’re in the home stretch and this is IT! The last week of the One Room Challenge and it’s time to make it count!!

styling a corner of our living room for the One Room Challenge | coco kelley styling a corner of our living room for the One Room Challenge | coco kelley

Since last week, our bookshelf and chairs arrived and I looooooove them both. Putting shelving below the window is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long! I may order another one to go below the other window at some point too. We’ll see. For now, I’m pretty happy about how this is coming along!

Speaking of windows… those drapes are outta here. I ordered these guys (on massive sale!) to lighten things up a bit and bring in a little pattern too!

low bookshelf styling | coco kelley

My lamps also arrived! The touch of blue in the Mariella lamp seemed too perfect as a way to tie in the blue from the chair. It’s light but substantial at the same time. The ‘Teddy’ lamp, on the other hand is neutral and ties to the natural woods in the space, but has a fun shape that I adore. Both of them (along with the chair) were provided by ATG who has been awesome to partner with on this project! In fact, they provided our sofa as well!

So what’s left? Well, we’re down to the details, for the most part…

styling a corner of our living room for the One Room Challenge | coco kelley styling a corner of our living room for the One Room Challenge | coco kelley

Like which pillows do you prefer on these chairs? (I’m wavering because I love them both!). We’ll also be moving that round table to the other side of the TV console as soon as I move the big black chests out of the room. After having it there, though I do think having a smaller table might be nice in that corner too!

Oh! And I almost forgot. The entryway! It’s really become a bit of a secondary priority, but we’re definitely still hoping to include a few updates to it as a part of the ORC. Starting with this antique pendant that I purchased on our road trip two weekends ago at Mary Davis Vintage Lighting which is one of the best sources in Washington.

vintage deco lighting | coco kelley vintage lighting in the entryway | coco kelley

Because the door in the entry swings into the light, we had to find something pretty flush, and I love this style. I have mixed feelings about how it works with everything else that’s going on, but for now it’s working for me! At some point, I may put something a little more unexpected there (maybe with a more modern or industrial feel) but I love this piece, so no matter what it will stay in the house!

Ok, so here’s the checklist for everything else we’re waiting on and have left to do…

  1. Excited to get this rug from Annie Selke’s Dash & Albert to really cozy things up and offer up a hint of pattern too.
  2. Currently awaiting loads of new pillows for the sofa – can’t wait to add them in!
  3. After last week’s post I ordered three art pieces that I’m hoping work really well in the space. Kinda wishing I had ordered one more, but we’re gonna make it work!  (Any guesses which ones they are?) 
  4. Hang the curtains we ordered as soon as they arrive (later today!). I’m sure we’ll be sharing all the updates on instagram so get your sneak peek fix there!
  5. Clear out the entryway area and come up with some new organization – this will be my major weekend project! We’re out of time to order furniture, so it’s all going to have to be items I find locally.
  6. Find a secondary small table to pair with one of the chairs.
  7. Hang sconces! I almost forgot I had these coming, but I’m excited to see how they transform the area behind the sofa.
  8. Move large black cabinets out of the living room, and replace one of them with smaller but substantial storage. Looking for a pretty antique piece that can store board games, books and more.
  9. Create an entryway drop area with a more narrow table. Hopefully this one.
  10. Add final touches and style the heck out of this place!!!

I’m so curious to know whose projects you’re most looking forward to seeing one week from today! There’s such a variety this year and some seriously great designers and talents.

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