I have a feeling I’m not alone in this when I say “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” on behalf of all my other ORC’ers! Week 5 snuck up on me as I’ve been so focused on getting my final items ordered that I forgot to think about this week’s post. Whoopsies.

So, apologies for being late to the blog game today, but here we go!

dresser styling with hat, mask art and perfume tray | coco+kelley

Major update number one – my dresser from PB Teen arrived! (That’s right, I said PB Teen). Such an underused resource, in my opinion. I love kids’ dressers for size, color and style! They’re so fresh! Way more options than grown up wood wood wood. But now, what to do with it?

dresser styling with brass lamp books and round mirror | coco+kelley

First off – it needs some styling. Another new arrival – my lamp from Bellacor – is helping in that department! I love the miniature size. Let’s talk about placement, though.

See, originally, I had thought I might want the dresser against the back wall of the room, but now that I’m going to be hanging my bar there for the clothing rack, it’s here against the wall. Which means…


dresser styling in the dressing room | coco+kelley

Last night I threw up a few pieces that I already had around the house. In theory, I like the pop of the yellow mirror as it brings out the yellow in the wallpaper. But do we like it here!? Do we like the combination of these three pieces together? I’m not sure…

Minted is once again a sponsor for the One Room Challenge this year, so I went through and bookmarked a few more pieces I might like in here…


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What do you think? Would you do one big piece of art or stick with the collage look? Do you like the yellow mirror, or is it too bold for this soft space? I’ve gotta pick a piece fast if I want it to be here in time to shoot this all next week! (Eeeek!) HELP! 

pigeon toe ceramics mobile | coco+kelley

Luckily some of the smaller accessories have arrived so the little moments like this one are making me happy.

dressing room makeover | coco+kelley

But there are some big gaping holes that need to be filled (literally!)

I thought I’d give you a punch list of everything left to do…

dressing room makeover - time to select curtains! | coco+kelley

  1. I’m waiting for this curtain rod to arrive, but I still need to order drapes and have them hemmed to fit the short height of the attic. Then they need to be installed.
  2. I also need to install this wall sconce.
  3. Go to Ikea (lord help me) and pick up this chaise, then pray that these legs arrive to replace those horrible metal ones.
  4. Order and install art (no big deal).
  5. Hang shelving that I love but am not sure where it’s going – probably to the left of the windows.
  6. Order hardware and get rods cut for closet storage. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I’m crossing my fingers to get to this today so that I can order the hardware asap.
  7. STYLE!
  8. SHOOT!
  9. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything!!

If you haven’t been following along and want to see how we got here, you can catch up on posts here, and see my pinterest board full of inspiration and resources right hereand if you’re on snapchat, look me up at coco_kelley because you always get the sneak peeks first there!

Let’s see how the other ORC’ers are doing shall we??

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