Since I’ve been on the road for two weeks straight, it’s been super hard for me to keep up with updates to my dressing room! Luckily I put in a lot of work on the front end so while I’m still waiting for a few items to be delivered, at least they’re on their way! The one MAJOR piece that I’m missing? Storage and organization…

dressing room closet storage ideas and solutions | coco+kelley

Currently, the only piece I have for clothing in my dressing room is this single Ikea rack. It’s actually one of my favorites because it’s white and simple, and honestly, I could stick this in the corner and it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But we can’t possibly make it that easy, right?

gorgeous brass clothing rack attic storage dressing room | coco+kelley

Well… maybe if it was brass. But it’s not. While this option is certainly on the table, I wanted to explore some other ideas.

classic neutral built-ins for a walk in closet dressing room | coco+kelley

Creating built-ins in an attic requires losing a lot of square footage, but gaining a more finished look. I even considered some faux built-ins (the DIY type you make from pre-existing pieces) for the west side of the room which is the most sloped, buuuuut, there’s one thing about this room I haven’t mentioned yet.

See, there’s a very good chance that if we remodel the upstairs attic completely, this room will become our master bath and our huge unfinished attic space our master bedroom. So to put a bunch of money into built ins only to have them torn out in a couple of years seems silly.

hanging closet storage options for an attic dresing room or bedroom | coco+kelley

This option – hanging a rack along the sloped ceiling side of the room – is my current favorite idea. While you can order brass rods for this purpose, there are also a few great drapery rods out there that could be a secondary solution for a quick purchase. I actually don’t mind the idea of an unfinished light wood with brass too – a very ‘current’ combo.

So what’s the plan? Glad you asked…

dressing room closet storage ideas and solutions | coco+kelley

Sort of an in-between compromise. I’m on the hunt for brass bars (most likely something like these curtain rods) to hang from the sloped ceiling for a polished clothing rack effect. Below it, closed shoe storage (it feels cleaner to me than some kind of open shelving) to hold my favorite and most display-worthy heels. This will feel ‘finished’ and will stay in the style of the room while being an affordable option for now!

Here are a few items I had been considering…

dressing room closet storage ideas and solutions | coco+kelley

1. classic drapery rod  // 2. rowan dresser // 3. brackets for custom rods // 4. white shelving // 5. brass drapery rod // 6. stackable drawer storage // 7. tall dresser with brass pulls // 8. brass hooks

The white dresser from PB Teen is already on order (in fact, it arrives Friday!) and I chose it for the simple lines that will suit pretty much any space we end up moving it to in the future if we displace this room in favor of a remodel. This site has the most complete options for the hanging rods, but I haven’t ordered anything yet (yikes!). If any of my fellow designers or One Room Challenge participants have ideas in this department, let me know!

There is an actual closet in the room as well, and I’ll be sourcing a rod for in there too. The one storage element I’m not sure about is accessories and jewelry. I kind of feel like I need to get these main pieces in there and see what I have to work with before committing to some kind of storage area or system for those items, so it could very well be a last-minute decision!

What do you think about this storage set up? Anything I’m forgetting? Any creative solutions you’ve seen lately for closet storage?

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