Ok, guys. I’m officially freaking out just a liiiiiiiiittle bit about the lack of progress around here, but I’m keeping the faith that somehow this is all going to pull together. So, welcome to Week 4! If you’re just jumping on the ORC bandwagon, you can read our other posts here, here and here to catch up.

Last week, I let you know that the sofa we chose would be arriving and guess what!!?

One Room Challenge Update - Week 4 | coco kelley One Room Challenge Update - Week 4 | coco kelley

Here it is! I had about an hour left of light after we barely squeezed this sucker in through the back door, so excuse the poor iphone photos and the wrinkled skirting. I had to move out the old rug too – it was distracting – so I threw down this other one for now. It’s obviously too small, but I like the tones in it for this room.

The sofa is deep. Like, even more than I realized, due to the fact that there isn’t any standard back cushions, just loads and loads of pillows. (My dream come true and my fiance’s worst nightmare.) But of course, I can’t just keep the pillows that came with the sofa on there! We’re gonna need to mix things up a bit, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to kick off the massive home accessories purchasing binge I’m about to go on.

our favorite pillow sources for the One Room Challenge | coco kelley

1. Leif Shop | 2. Susan Connor | 3. Wisteria | 4. Rebecca Atwood | 5. Lost & Found

I’ve also been scouring Minted for some art pieces that might work for the walls. While I certainly don’t want to cover every surface, I’m really wanting to balance the TV with artwork on either side and perhaps have another piece or two by the entryway.

One Room Challenge Update - Week 4 | coco kelley

I like the look of a classic stacked art pairing. But, which one? And where? Do I do a stacked piece on one side of the TV, and a larger piece on the other? Do I leave the left side filled by the fiddle fig, and do art on only one side? More decisions…

art pairings for our living room | coco kelley

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Which is your favorite pairing? Or which style do you like best? I think these are actually in order of preference for me… I like the square on top of a rectangle, but I suppose it depends a bit on the dimensions and the art as well! I do think that the very last piece might be my favorite for color, though.

Oh, and one more bummer to add to the last-minute panic… the rug I ordered is also now out of stock! So I’m back to the drawing board there… time to put a rush on things! The chairs and low bookshelf arrive tomorrow, so stay tuned for a few peeks of those between now and next week on instagram! Here’s hoping I’m not the only one in a last-minute craze. Off to see how everyone else’s room’s are progressing!

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