Hey guys!! Hopefully you’ve been following along the past couple of weeks since we started the One Room Challenge, but in case you haven’t, don’t forget to see the previous posts here and here to catch up!

We’re in week three of six, and this is when you realize that you’re at the mid-way point and the room isn’t even close to ready. UH OH. But I do have a couple small updates for you in the lighting department!!

aqua and brass sconce for my one room challenge makeover! | coco+kelley

(please ignore paint stained hands and chipped nail polish)

The first lighting purchase was easy. Right after I received my gorgeous wallpaper, I immediately realized that this sconce from Schoolhouse Electric was not only the exact shade of aqua blue to match the walls, but that it also happens to be a plug-in sconce, which is just what I needed. I haven’t mounted it yet because I’m waiting for more major furnishings to arrive so I can plan around them. But I LOVE.

The rest of the lighting was not so easy…

lighting options for my one room challenge makeover! | coco+kelley

ceiling // 1 2 3 4 | hallway sconces // 1 2 3 4 | dresser lighting // 1 2 3

Here’s a roundup of allllll the lighting I was considering at some point. The hallway and dresser lights are both still on their way, but I ended up with #3 for the hallway and #3 for the dresser! The patina on the hallway sconce was what sold me in the end, and the scale of the table lamp worked best for this space.

The ceiling lights were the hardest because I knew the one I really wanted but none were really in my budget. So I flipped my plan on its head and looked to some more independent shops and found this guy!

mod ceiling light for the dressing room | coco+kelley

I knew I wanted something with more than one bulb because I needed way more light up there, and I loved how quirky and mod this felt. It’s also a nice alternative to a typical flush mount, but still short enough that I won’t be bumping my head on it!

There are a few other furry things that have arrived…

layers and layers of fur! | coco+kelley

might be going overboard here, but I love that texture so so much! Plus this attic needs as much cozy as it can get! I got the rug for a STEAL at Overstock, the sheepskin at One Kings Lane, and the faux furry throw thanks to Urban Outfitters. It has the slightest hint of a mauve to it.

And we know how I feel about having pink in this room…

pink stool and makelike wallpaper | coco+kelley

Funny enough – I had purchased a pair of these stools for the last One Room Challenge, thinking I would tuck them under the marble console in the dining room, but the scale and styles just didn’t mesh. They’ve been in my makeshift closet ever since, so I’m trying to use them in here too… maybe? Yes?  No?

Next week I’m going to tackle the subject of STORAGE. Kind of a major thing for a closet right? Well, I do have a dresser ordered but the clothes hanging situation is another story…

In the meantime, don’t forget to hop over to everyone else’s blogs for their updates! I’m curious to see how much progress some of these girls are making!!

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