I always remind clients how a single coat of paint can do wonders for a room, but I have to say that I’m still a bit shocked at the transformative powers that took place in our dining room last week with the addition of a little blue…

coco+kelley dining room one room challenge update with chairs and paint

Oh, and some new chairs too!

In case you need a little refresh, here’s what the dining room looked like before the paint. The rusty brown paint blended with the rusty brown rug and wood dining table creating this sea of heaviness.  We immediately decided we wanted a blue/grey color for the room, but finding the perfect shade was not easy.

valspar blue-grey paint color options // coco+kelley

Yes, I put up SEVEN options of Valspar paint colors (thank goodness for those sample sizes!).  I had originally thought I wanted something with a touch of green, but once it was up on the walls we decided that we wanted a more pure blue. It came down to Prussian Cadet and Folk Blue for me, but we took a vote and the little one wanted Prussian Cadet as well, soooo….

dining room one room challenge paint update // coco+kelley

Majority rules! I think they made the right pick, too. It was really hard to tell what the color would look like against that old paint. I also thought we’d need like 5 thousand coats of primer to tone down that red, but the Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer got the job done in two coats. That’s it. Proven wrong again.

one room challenge valspar prussian blue paint in the dining room // coco+kelley

The best part is that it’s a low VOC paint, so while I was coating the dining room after two glasses of wine at 9 o’clock at night, I wasn’t getting high off of fumes. Bonus.

Also (ahem) THE CHAIRS. I am obsessed. They’re from Serena & Lily, and I’ve had my eye on them for quite some time.  I knew I wanted woven, and these are seriously well made. I also changed out the rug with one I already had, and I’m not 100% sure it should stay (thoughts?) but it’s way better than the one that was in there.

one room challenge dining room makeover serena and lily woven chairs

This little mix is making my heart pitter patter. I’m feeling way better about our wood table now that things have been mixed up a little. The woven texture is divine, and I love the little shot of black and white in them. The seats themselves are actually larger than our other chairs, but the lower profile is making the room feel larger, which is always a good thing.

Are we getting way Northwesty in here or what? I’m hoping the lighting fixture will glam things up just a teensy bit, as will the artwork. Speaking of which…

dining room with woven chairs and oversized artwork // coco+kelley

This room has been playing some major inspiration for me (if you couldn’t tell) and next week will be allllll about the art work. I’m envisioning some major large pieces (if you’ve been following my instagram, you’ve probably already seen one!) and then a gallery wall that we’re working on.

I’ve been trying to decide if the family photos should stay in the dining room or find their way to a more intimate spot in the home? Where do you hang yours? I’ve always been of the mindset that they belong in more hidden hallways, but J really loves his family photos out on display…

Don’t forget to check the progress of the other participants too! Oh, and if you’re interested in what I’m pinning for ideas, you can follow the South Park board on my Pinterest page! You’ll see lots of ideas for rugs and lighting…

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The One Room Challenge is Trademarked by Calling it Home. Huge thank you to Valspar for providing the paint, and Serena & Lily for the chairs! 

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