When we think of natural textures, we tend to think beachy, boho, or casual… but these days that’s not entirely the case. In a design world more in love with contrasts and eclectic styles than ever, adding natural materials like rope, ceramic or wicker work in just about any interior.

They bring interest to modern. Casual style to classic. And, I just happen to think of them as an essential element to my own space. One of my current favorite ways to bring natural texture in? A sconce.

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If you’re tired of blinding exposed bulbs or heavy metals, I invite you to consider something softer. Ceramic. Wicker. Paper. Shell. Bamboo. They can be statement or quiet. And I find them perfectly welcoming in a bedroom! I love the way the Mori Sconces above just camouflage into the wall.


1. Etsy Modern Wicker & Brass – $195 | 2. Urban Outfitters Ceramic – $79 | 3. Fluted Stoneware by Cedar & Moss – $199 | 4. Etsy Palm Sconce – $130 | 5. Anthropologie Turned Wood & Shade – $228 | 6. Serena & Lily Seashells – $428 | 7. Etsy Ceramic Shell – $183 | 8. Urban Outfitters Rattan Sconce – $79 | 9. Anthropologie Wicker and Brass – $248 | 10. Mori Organic Pod – $350

I’m partial to all the beautiful ceramic ones myself. Such gorgeous, organic texture!! But very tempted to put those Mori pods in our dining room makeover too. I’ll admit that the two sconces featuring shells are a bit more cliche… so I’d think about put them in places that feel unexpected! The hanging shells could offer texture in contrast to glam entryway, and the more literal shell would be so fun in a powder or dressing room. Do you have a fave?

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