While this this casual modern bohemian dining room is not the only part of this Australiain home to love, it’s certainly the centerpiece for me. With warm natural woods, plenty of light, and the feel of a California ranch house, this appeals to every one of my boho style sensibilities.

casual boho modern open plan dining room with tons of natural light | coco kelley

Can you just feel the warmth of the sunshine pouring in through those windows?

Literally the only thing I don’t like about this space is the floor. But in a hot climate (this home resides in Australia), I get how stone floors definitely help cool things down. The bonus to the floor is that the stone surface allows for tons of natural wood to be used throughout the space without it feeling overwhelming.

Can we pause for a moment about that house plant though? Woah. I also like how the owners used stools here for extra seating – it keeps the space feeling open and flexible.

casual boho modern open plan living room with tons of natural light | coco kelley casual boho modern open plan living room with tons of natural light | coco kelley

With two actual bedroom in the house itself, I imagine that the low platform across from the dining table is actually for lounging around, reading books, and taking cat naps in the sun (because I totally would). The rest of the living room area takes the space up a notch in the modern living department.

And in case you’re admiring at how well all the furniture pieces go together, well that’s because the home owners – Poppy Lane & Scott Gibson – own a home store called Pop & Scott.

neutral modern living room with art | coco kelley modern bohemian living room | room of the week coco kelley

What I like about this open plan is how each space feels like its own, but definitely vibes together. I also love that it’s layered but not too layered – you need that to cozy up the cold floors, but if it’s overdone, you stop seeing how special all the pieces are in the space. What are your favorite elements of this room?

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