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When it comes to my home, things are never really quite finished. So it’s only appropriate that I’ve come full circle in our decorating process back to the space that I originally started with: the dining room. I find that rarely is that first room ever quite right. And in our case, it was the paint color that was really throwing me off, plus a few other details that really needed updating.

For those of you who were following my painful paint-picking process on instagram stories, you’ll be happy to see today’s post to get a full look at the color we ended up with! But that’s not all that’s changed. A major artwork swap and updated hardware from Legrand’s adorne collection provide the finishing details needed to elevate the updates to our dining room with paint, art and hardware | coco kelleyOk, so let’s address the paint color first because I know you’re going to ask! We used a company called Paintzen that recently launched in Seattle to paint the walls. You can get a quote and schedule a painter through their site or app, and they partner with PPG (or Pittsburgh Paints), so we selected a color through them! After much deliberation and a few paint samples on the walls, I decided on ‘Serene Stream‘. It has a touch more green to it – less of a pure blue. I wanted it to reflect the aqua tones in the rug but not be too overpowering.our mini dining room makeover and tricks for lightening up dark spaces | coco kelleyI’ll be writing a whole other post about my favorite blues that I discovered in the process, so if you’re wanting more in-depth paint details, I promise they’re coming!

You’ll also notice that we swapped out our gallery wall for a mirror, which really helps open up the space and reflect more light. I love the scale of it! I would like to find something a little more fun eventually, but this is great for now.

And of course, the focal point of the room – a gorgeous encaustic piece from my good friend Jennifer Ament. I have loved this piece for so long and I’m so happy to have it in our home! I’m not 100% sold on this being its forever spot, but I I like it here for now.

But today’s post I really want to dedicate to a different detail in this room: the finishing touches using hardware provided to us by Legrandfresh blue and white dining room with natural accents | dining room makeover on coco kelleyThis room has been a particularly challenging one when it comes to hardware because the outlets (for who knows what reason) are smack dab in the middle of the wall. And because our wiring is old and would need to be completely pulled out and replaced before moving them, we’ve just dealt with the fact that they’ve been total eyesores.

Not anymore.custom outlets to match your walls from Legrand's adorne collection | coco kelleyblue walls in the dining room | mini makeover on coco kelleyOne of the first items I chose for this room was the adorne outlets with customizable wall plate! You can paint it any color, or even use it as a template to cut out wallpaper or patterns. The template adheres completely to the plate itself so it’s seamless. I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge difference it makes in the aesthetics of the room!

Also, that artwork is from Minted, and you can get it right here. It’s one of my favorites!
a mini makeover of our dining room to lighten things up | coco kelleydining room updates to brighten up the darkest room in our house | coco kelleyBecause artwork was such a big part of the update to this space, it made everything else I put up on the walls that much more important. Another reason to love the wall plates on the outlets blending in! For the light switch, however, I felt inclined to go a little more fancy…adorne-light-switch-plate-optionsOne of my favorite features of the adorne series by Legrand is that you can swap out the plates so easily! As someone who loves to change things up all the time (much to my husband’s annoyance) I love that swapping out colors, metals or textures is an option.

For this room, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a mirror white, a custom blue, or French oak. So I got all three! Which is your fave?

Here’s how easy it is to switch out: basically, once the switch itself is installed, the plate just snaps on. To swap out, you literally just pop off the top plate, line up the new one in the right spot, and pop it in! Also – I swapped out all the switches and outlets myself. It really wasn’t that hard, if you’re familiar with basic wiring! step-by-step-swap-out-of-light-switch-plate our dining room mini makeover with paint and hardware | coco kelleyI think I’m sticking with the white plate for now – the finish on it is so chic! And it stands out more from the outlet plates, which I like.

As for this room – it’s still a work in progress! I’d like to swap the white chairs out for something more modern, and same for the chandelier. Because the color in the room starts to feel country cottage very quickly, I think I need some more contrast and obviously would love to change out that table, but we’re getting there!! What are your thoughts on the new paint color? What about the rest of the space?

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