The anticipation that some people feel when waiting for their favorite shows to return to Netflix is the same anticipation I feel about seeing new spaces designed by Jessica Helgerson. I follow her (and her team!) on instagram and when they started teasing some new interiors, I was like YESSSSSSS. And then I promptly forgot to go check for them. Until a few weeks ago!

While there are a few new projects up on her site, this light and airy house tour is by far my favorite…

light oak and modern design statement chandelier | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

Located in Amagansett, I’m not sure if this is a vacation home or full-time residence, but I absolutely love the simplicity of it all. While the design isn’t groundbreaking, it’s still quite a breath of fresh air. Don’t be fooled by simple homes – often they can be some of the most challenging when it comes to design because every detail counts.

a minimalist white kitchen | light and airy house tour on coco kelley beautiful brass details in an all white kitchen | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

You can almost always tell when a designer has been involved in a renovation project because the rooms are seamless, and the details thoughtful. Here, the goal was to keep a simple fresh white palette, inject modern but timeless design, and go for that whole Scandinavian style.

a modern dining room with patio | light and airy house tour on coco kelley vine covered outdoor patio | amagansett house designed by Jessica Helgerson

While it isn’t a room, this porch might be one of my favorite parts of the house! Oh how I long for a true outdoor entertaining spot like this. Covered in vines, of course.

a calm reading nook | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

I love the couple of cozy nooks that Jessica and her team created in this home too. I think it’s such a luxury to have little moments like this where things are consistently calm. You’ll notice that all the rugs in the house are textural, but no pattern. I find that such a refreshing design choice!

custom furniture entryway | light and airy house tour on coco kelley beautifully simplified living room | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

The living room decor is sparse, but the design pieces are so stunning you don’t really notice it. And it still manages to feel cozy thanks to all the texture.

built-in seating with large scale art and hanging plants | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

Another nook! There are also lots of hanging plants throughout the home, and I love that touch. When you’re surrounded by greenery, it almost feels weird not to bring more of it into the home too! Our house has a wrap around yard, and that’s definitely how I feel about having plants in our home. It wouldn’t feel complete without them! They also help bring life to very simple rooms.

modern bedroom design in pink and blue | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

Truth time: this bedroom isn’t my favorite. Normally I like playful touches like the pink circle behind the bed, but here it just feels immature and out of place for me, especially paired with such simple furnishings, and modern art. When you go simple, you risk these moments that can suddenly feel Urban Outfitters meets Ikea instead of elevated Scandinavian. What do you think? Is it just me?

gorgeous small modern bathroom | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

I do, however, love this bathroom design for it’s excellent use of space. Coming from a home that has some very tiny baths, I can appreciate design like this!

simple modern bedroom design | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

Bonus: I own these exact nightstands and I love them: the green is such perfection. And here, I don’t mind the painted accent wall as much. Maybe pink circles are just too millennial hipster for me?

fun built-in bunk beds! | light and airy house tour on coco kelley

And last but not least, these sweet bunk beds! I mean, you just can’t go wrong, obviously. Gotta love those chunky knit throws too. The best part about neutral homes is that even if you can’t afford the exact items, it’s easy to get the general idea in your own home. Here’s how we’d get the look:


1. ‘contrapesso’ pendant | 2. ‘object blanc’ artwork | 3. belly basket | 4. two-tone wood ‘ercol’ bar stool | 5. belgian linen sofa | 6. wavy pattern pillow | 7. black wall sconce | 8. nesting coffee tables

What do you think of the house overall? I know a lot of you are sick of white interiors, but this one still feels fresh to me!

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