For months we’ve been postponing the inevitable at our house – a total basement remodel. It’s been on the ‘someday’ list for quite some time, but thanks to some old plumbing issues, we’re finding it necessary to open some walls down there so, we’re biting the bullet and going for it! And that means some fun remodel projects!

Of course I’ve already started pinning ideas like crazy, and in the process have decided that this kitchen trend is one I’ll be adopting into our design if I can. So what is it? Well, it’s a little hard to explain but basically it’s bringing old-world or salvage pieces into the kitchen with a mix of modern style to create a totally unique look…

I absolutely love the idea of potentially using some old cabinetry for the kitchen space downstairs. Right now, the basement is set up to be a separate unit if we ever wanted to rent it, but in the meantime, we are hoping to use this space to act like a cellar kitchen. We’ll use it for things like canning and pickling, and I’m learning more about making herbal salves and tinctures, so this will essentially be our connection from the items we collect from our garden to our kitchen and pantry.

Given the old world-inspired use of the space, it seems only logical that it might have some old world charm…

repurposed oak cabinets in the kitchen custom open cabinets and large farmhouse sink in concrete counter

This kitchen space from Vintage Whites is major inspiration for the kind of kitchen we’re going for. Between some custom cabinetry (with the sink) and antique cabinets, it’s a lovely eclectic mix of elements, with tons of charm.

Of course, there are ways to do this that don’t require large salvage pieces. You can use salvaged doors for cabinet fronts, or just recreating the look entirely – a move that’s pretty popular in many a Magnolia Home remodel (like the two below).

keeping cabinet doors unfinished gives the look of old world charm built in wood china cabinet with tile back

The trick is to intentionally go for more of a mismatched look in the pieces, whether it’s actually antique or not. I love the look below from House Inhabit where an old buffet has been built into plaster-style built-ins. The addition of a simple pine wood door next to the cabinet next to it makes it feel like it’s all been created over time. This is really the style I’m going for!

an antique cabinet built into a newer kitchen

Of course, there’s a definite possibility that we won’t find the exact salvage piece we need, in which case we’ll have to imagine ways to create a similar look with new cabinetry.

One space that’s really giving me inspiration for this is a minimalist kitchen by Semo Design. I love the natural textures of each element – it’s clean and quiet and bright which is everything I want and need this space to be.

Simo Design raw wood cabinetry for a clean minimalist wabi sabi style in the kitchen Simo Design raw wood cabinetry for a clean minimalist wabi sabi style in the kitchen

Now that we’re getting moving no this project, I promise to bring you a little tour of the basement soon so you can see what we’re working with, along with some plans as soon as we have them! This is going to be as much of a budget renovation as we can make it, which means we’ll try and keep the original layout, and probably have to make some compromises while trying to bring some long-lasting style and somewhat quality elements to the space as well. Stay tuned!!

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