I’ve noticed a shift in my interiors taste lately… which seems to happen every few years or so. It seems natural, of course, for this to happen. If we stay stagnant, we aren’t growing, and that goes for taste and life in general! But I’m actually surprised by some of the things I’m attracted to – like warm woods and antiques – because they’re things I rejected so much in my youth.

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment dining room

This whole house tour was inspired by one image – this one – which I found quite some time ago and always liked. The style seemed genuinely eclectic, fresh, and of course nice and neutral, just the way I like it. But old world art, wood artifacts, and heavy iron chairs? This is so not my usual thing…

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment living room2 mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment living room1

The living room is a bit more my ‘usual’ style, with the mix of modern and antique, but again done in a way that I’m not normally attracted to. Maybe a bit  more masculine than I usually imagine my home? But the chairs and the ceramic fruit lamp balance that out nicely…

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment - detail

All the little collections of art and carvings are perfectly at home here.

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment living room3

Upstairs, the bedroom continues the same look…

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment loft mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment bedroom

The mix of traditional and mid-century modern is unmistakable. And a bit of industrial inspired as well.

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment_5


The clean modern style in the kitchen was a bit unexpected for me, but I don’t hate it. And there is seriously art at every turn in this home!

mikkel larrinaga bilbao apartment kitchen1

And now, of course, a few pieces that are key to this look…


1. vintage crests art // 2. framed fragonard art // 3. neo sofa // 4. vintage wood hat form // 5. faux cowhide pillow // 6. console table // 7. mid-century style task floor lamp // 8. porcelain lamps // 9. feza rug

Hunting for the artwork for this post made me realize how easy it would be to actually create this look. I simply typed it ‘framed art set’ into Etsy and found quite a few fun ones! While some of the pieces in this home are certainly not thrifted, I’m sure you could recreate this with some more affordable finds!

I honestly think my favorite part of this home is the mix of lighting styles – something I’ve been struggling with here at home is finding the perfect lamps for the house, and I’m now inspired to just go for it and purchase a totally eclectic mix!

What details would you bring into your own home?

images :: designed by mikel larrinaga via nuevo estilo



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