i come from a restaurant family, so it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to a bit of a commercial style in my kitchen. After all, open shelving, plenty of stainless steel and a more ‘deconstructed’ feel isn’t anything new…

industrial kitchen with light wood

But, how far is too far when taking this look into the home?

industrial style kitchen all stainless steel oversized lighting

The kitchen above just about hits my limit. However, if you swapped out the stainless steel backsplash for something more conventional, and added some touches of materials like wood or ceramics on a few floating shelves… I might be persuaded to change my mind.

industrial style kitchen sink and storage

This? Well, it’s a bit better – with warmer tones and a little less steel. But there seems to be a fine line here when finding just the right balance! Here are a few interiors that incorporate the commercial look well (in my opinion…)

industrial style kitchen with marble

The addition of the rug makes a world of difference in this all-stainless kitchen! While the marble is cold, it’s still a nice rich visual texture, and the wood shelves and swing arm lighting add personality.

industrial style kitchen with dark walls and wood accents

If you’re gonna go stainless… go all the way grey and saturate those walls! It actually adds a nice rich look. Just make sure you’ve got lots of light if you actually plan on cooking there. The touches of wood,  grey shelving – instead of stainless – is also helping matters, as are the accessories all over the kitchen that make it look lived in.

industrial style kitchen wiht old world tile floor

Frankly, you could do just about anything with those floors and wood beam ceilings and this kitchen would work. But I love the contrast of super modern and industrial with old world charm here – it works for me!

modern clean industrial style kitchen with black walls and marble counters

This kitchen could be borderline for some, but all the stunning windows and the fact that the island is a nice marble (or something similar) is helping me come around to the potential in this one. I actually really like the black in here for contrast with those white floors! Gorgeous.

industrial floating island in classic kitchen setting

For the majority of the traditionalists, I have a feeling this is just right – a touch of industrial in an otherwise classic – even a bit rustic – kitchen. And I’d have to say I’d agree. 

Which style is appealing to you the most? For our picks on industrial accessories for your kitchen, check out this collection we created on eBay! I even found some affordable pendants that I’m seriously considering for my own home…

images :: remodelista // unknown via the d pages // apartment34 // trendenser // belgrade apparel // planete deco //   remodelista // veranda


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