It all began with this photo at the Rachel Comey store designed by Elizabeth Roberts. A design element that felt so fresh and new, but also felt like a throwback. A vintage vibe from the wicker combined with a minimalist line that followed the edge of the wall. I immediately fell in love with the idea of wraparound benches. But not just any wraparound benches.custom wicker wrap around bench at rachel comey | via coco kelley

Since spotting this one, I’ve been saving the most unique ones to my archives, my favorite of which might be this custom piece by designer Valentin Loellman, who hand made everything in his home, which is just incredible. His style and surfaces are always so organic, the shapes so lovely and natural. And yes, of course, the brass cabinets are also stunners.curved wooden bench by Valentin Loellmann in his home | via coco kelleywraparound wood bench for the entryway and living room by emily henderson via coco kelley

Then, more recently, this project featured on Emily Henderson of her team member Jess’ apartment. The lucky gal has a woodworking dad who helped create this wraparound piece for her entryway that leads right into the living room and offers up a place to style objects and art, while also offering additional seating when needed. It’s genius. wraparound wood bench for the entryway and living room by emily henderson via coco kelley

And now, to come full circle, I’m just dying to see the finished project of this nook by Amber Interiors that she keeps teasing on her insta…. wraparound custom wicker bench by amber interiors | via coco kelley

You just know this is going to be so damn good. I mean, it’s not even finished yet and I’m in love! And now I’m constantly thinking of how to incorporate this look into my own home. I think what I love most about all of these benches is how organic they feel. There’s something about that continuous line of wood or wicker that’s just so lovely!

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