It seems that this topic is one that always comes back around at some point… what to do with that awkward, under utilized space under the stairs. As we start on some of our own home renovations, I’ve been debating this myself….

While there are a ton of options for this space (everything from simple storage to the kitchen sink – literally) these are some of my favorites…

under the stairs gallery wall and floating shelf | coco+kelley - in the details a casual gallery wall moment under the stairs| coco+kelley - in the details

While a gallery wall may seem obvious, these two options bring their own unique twist. One with a low floating shelf for a little storage, and a lamp tucked under, while the other lends a super casual vibe with the leaning gallery.

kitchen appliances and storage built-in under stairs| coco+kelley - in the details

I wasn’t kidding when I said kitchen sink… or in this case, appliances. I never realized how many kitchens used this option until I started searching! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself to see everything from wet bars to pantries occupying this tucked in area.

small media storage and concrete shelving under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

I love the look of this built in, but what I really love is how it offers a space to tuck away some of the hardest items in the house to disguise – media equipment. The arrangement of pretty objects and stacked wood distract from the shelf just enough. (I’ve also seen this spot utilized for a television in small homes!) 

under the stairs seating with hanging display | coco+kelley - in the details a cozy built-in nook under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Built in or shoved in, a cozy seating area is always a welcome addition to a home, right? I like how both of these utilized a little overhead space for hanging objects and lighting.

architectural detail in this desk space under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details a super simple desk nook under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Ok, guys, this is a BIG one because to me there never seems to be a great spot for a desk in the house, unless you have the luxury of a home office. Now, if your stairs are in the foyer, this probably doesn’t make sense, but if they are elsewhere in the home, I love this idea! Perfect for open stairwells like these where the light can come flooding down to the desk.

a dramatic wine cellar space under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

Ok, so maybe this idea isn’t for the masses (obviously) but I had to include this one just because it was cool. A wine cellar under the stairs!? And a well lit one at that. I don’t know if I’d really need to be this much on display, but I do like it!

firewood storage under the stairs | coco+kelley - in the details

And finally… a very utilitarian approach to the under-the-stairs conundrum… firewood. If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burning stove or fireplace, then this one is definitely for you! I could see us using our basement under-the-stairs space for minimal firewood that we use in the summer for the fire pit too!

While many of these ideas are depicted in large lofty homes, I think they can all be applied to our own smaller spaces as well… which ones are appealing to you?

images :: gallery wall elle decoration via yellows // casual gallery on mae mae // kitchen via arch daily // media storage via canvice //  nook via the generalist // built-in nook by sara bengur //  sculptural stairs with desk //  simple desk unknown // wine storage via home bunch // firewood storage on hus a hem

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