Open shelving in kitchens has proven itself to be less of a trend and more of a staple these days. While I definitely prefer to keep most of my items hidden behind closed doors, I must admit that having a few shelves to style with some of our prettier selections would be nice.

So, while I contemplate where those shelves might go (and what might go on them!) in our own home, I thought I’d explore all the options for how to style your kitchen shelves… by personality!

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the classic | via coco+kelley

Call this the new traditional or The Eclectic – whatever it is, it’s an instant classic. A mix of rustic and refined, modern and antique, these shelves are purely for displaying the prettiest serveware and selections – you won’t find any everyday staples here.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the baker | via coco+kelley

The Baker has a one-track mind and a utilitarian approach to shelf styling. Each canister and bowl is meant to serve its purpose – to be at the chef’s immediate disposal for whipping up pies and pastries! The only thing missing from this photo is a happy mess and some neatly organized spices.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the artisan | via coco+kelley

Your friend who knows all the cool small indie shops? That’s this shelf. A little bit hipster, with a fresh eye, The Artisan finds the balance between form and function and shows them both off here. Enamelware and mason jars are a must, along with locally-crafted cutting boards, of course.

styling essentials to fit your kitchen personality - part one | via coco+kelley

The Eclectic ::  s&p shakers | cake stand | cutting board |mortar & pestle

The Baker :: mixing bowls | spice jars | canisters | mixer

The Artisan ::  egg cups | gold spoons | dishware | ceramic pitcher how to style your open kitchen shelving - the collector | via coco+kelley

The Collector (ie the entertainer, chef, or all around kitchen junkie) requires a look all their own… and a lot of extra shelving! There’s no room for styling here, just pure organization where every piece can be easily seen and found. The pieces may seem ‘basic’ at first, but each has their own character – carefully selected for expertly styling the table or plating perfect dishes.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the purist | via coco+kelley

Modern lines and minimal styling is the nature of the The Purist. Their glassware is likely from Ikea, but don’t let that fool you. They prefer to save their budget for serious treasures from artists and craftsmen who create heritage pieces that shine on these simple shelves.

how to style your open kitchen shelving - the barista | via coco+kelley

For the true coffee aficionado, one method for creating the perfect cup is never enough. The Barista‘s shelves are lined with presses and carafes, the ideal mugs for every cup, containers for every bean varietal… and sweets to accompany! 

styling essentials to fit your kitchen personality - part one | via coco+kelley

The Collector :: glassware | marble & wood boards | bowls | dishes

The Purist :: s&p shakers | glasses | brass basket | ceramic container

The Barista :: mugs | espresso cups | espresso maker | french press | espresso machine

Which style suits your kitchen personality? I’m obviously a collector, but all my props stay in the studio, so for our home, I’d say I’m somewhere between an Eclectic with many classic options and the Artisan with the many ceramics that we have on display!

images :: design sponge // a couple cooks // smitten studio // domino // kitzellg // a merry mishap

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