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Back in May, you may remember that we did a major overhaul of our tiny master bedroom. We added all new furniture and reoriented the room to really open it up. I loved the overall look – light, open and airy just like I like it! But it was lacking in personality and layers for me. There were some small details that really needed updating and the biggest one was lighting.

We had a very tiny, pink, antique flush mount that I can only assume came with the house (you can see it in the before photoshanging overhead, and I wanted to swap it for something updated and a bit larger! With our low ceilings, anything that hung too long felt like it was encroaching on our sleeping area. I also have a (slightly irrational?) fear of sleeping under ornate chandeliers that might come crashing down on me in the night. I considered some open basket-weave type of pendants, but the shapes were all wrong, or they just felt cheap. I decided to go with something classic and elevated instead…

adding chic details to finish of our master bedroom makeover | coco kelley

Meet ‘Lettie‘. She’s a gorgeous little flush-mount that I happen to think not only works perfectly in this space, but is a fixture you should add to your go-to list if you’re a designer. This style is so perfect for just about any space, comes in three finishes, and two different sizes. In fact, I’ve already purchased the smaller version in black for my step-daughter’s bedroom makeover!

For our bedroom, I went with the larger ‘Lettie’ in brass to have some fun with scale, and I’m glad I did. It feels just right! I like that it has a modern sensibility to it, but is far from trendy. Especially since I’ve apparently decided to go all country cottage with my bedding!?! Who am I turning into!?

how to layer up your linens in a small bedroom | blue and white master bedroom makeover on coco kelley

Apparently, fresh blues are giving me life this summer, because not only did I saturate my walls with it in my dining room makeover, but my bedding is getting a dose of it too! I love the new floral shams I recently purchased, and the classic ticking quilt and shams offset the feminine pattern nicely. But the best piece might be this gorgeous art from my friend and photographer Deb Achak.

oversized ocean photography by deb achak | mini bedroom makeover by coco kelley blue and white modern cottage style in this bedroom makeover on coco kelley oversized water ocean photography by deb achak | bedroom makeover on coco kelley

Her underwater pieces are my favorite because – those blues of course! But also it perfectly captures that feeling of being at sea. And if you can’t actually live by the sea, then I guess this is the next best thing! (Her work is available through Winston Wächter if you’re interested!). 

adding these few details can make all the difference in a small space | coco kelley

My other favorite addition to the space are the curtains! I slightly screwed up because the rod I ordered should be just a smidge longer, and this is as far as I could get this one to go. I’m planning on swapping it out so that the curtains can go all the way to the ends of the wall and not encroach so much on the side tables.

I hung these curtains higher – above the molding – to create a lengthening effect on the room, and it is working bigtime. At some point, if we get larger nightstands, I might nix the double curtain look, but for now I like the way it looks in the room and how it fills in the awkward space between the nightstands and the wall. We had these nightstands when the bed was positioned differently, and purchased them specifically because the scale was just right. Now that we have the bed here, they don’t fill the space quite enough, but I have yet to find any (within a reasonable budget) that we love to swap them out with.

bedside table styling for small spaces | coco kelley dresser styling | coco kelley mini bedroom makeover keeping the dresser organized | coco kelley bedroom makeover

Over on the dresser side, I’ve added a mini marble shelf and some Jennifer Ament artwork to fill in the wall a bit more, and clear a little clutter. It’s feeling fresh!

creating a calm beach cottage vibe in this bedroom makeover on coco kelley

Despite the very unimpressed look on her face, I’m pretty sure that this is Gracie’s favorite spot in the house because she seriously would not get off the bed during the entire shoot. At least she’s a well-behaved model!

ways to squeeze storage into a small bedroom | coco kelley

What do you think of the updates?? I’m really loving them all and have already been playing with some more bedding ideas in here for fall, because that’s the beauty of bedding, right? With a few more minor tweaks, I think we can safely say this room is almost done!

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