One question I get asked a lot in interviews is how I describe my style. Growing up in LA and Seattle, I always say that I have a west coast aesthetic, through and through. Less decorated, more casual, lots of organic textures… you get the picture. However, it’s really hard to nail down one or two words to describe my style, let alone any home these days.

However. If I were to show you a home that fully embraced my current look? It might be somewhere along the lines of this California style house tour that I’m bringing you today…

a clean mix of modern organic style in this california house tour | coco kelley

What words immediately come to mind when you step into a space like this? Organic. Modern. Maybe even a little farmhouse/cottage vibe coming from the exposed beams? If you keep touring, you’ll see bits of what we refer to as Global or Boho, both terms I don’t really love because I feel like it’s really just words that describe great textile hoarding abilities (ha!).

Modern bohemian? Bungalow Chic? Organic Modern? Whatever it is, it’s me.

vintage dining chairs and modern white table in this airy dining room | california style house tour on coco kelley indoor outdoor passthrough window | the new california style house tour on coco kelley fresh all white kitchen with leather and brass accents | california house tour on coco kelley

The hallmark of this style is lots of white with organic textures – wood, leather, woven baskets, deliciously worn vintage rugs – paired with simplified lines, preferably in a space with lots of character. Sounds about right to me!

As for this kitchen, I love that they kept things real by having allllll the appliances (and TV!) out on the counter. Oh, and it’s gorgeous. I wonder how white floors would fare with my cooking? I think the abundance of rugs in the space helps break it up visually but also probably helps cut down on dirt tracking everywhere! Those pendants though.

relaxed linen window seat nook in the dining room | california style house tour coco kelley a perfect tiny bathroom with bold tile | california style house tour on coco kelley

I imagine this little seating nook just off the kitchen is the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee. It’s so lovely! Not sure about the location of the bathroom (seems a bit odd, yes?) but the styling is right up my alley. Love all that tile!

organic modern california house tour | coco kelley

I adore the exterior of this house – all worn, warm shingles! Even though the home is large, it has a modern cottage feel to it!

open air living room in this organic modern california style house tour | coco kelley bold blues and leather in this fresh california home | house tour on coco kelley

And from the inside, you get to enjoy that open air California lifestyle that I miss oh so much. Plus that view! AND a fireplace! I like the shot above because it gives you a little lay of the land as far as layout of the space goes. You can see that it’s not huge, but certainly not tiny. I like the flow, but it’s too bad that the formal dining area doesn’t connect to the kitchen.

Now let’s go upstairs…

fresh white bedroom built-ins | california style house tour on coco kelley bright white bedroom with bohemian style | california house tour on coco kelley

Welcome to what I’m assuming is the master bedroom. I love the built-ins that they did around the far side of the room, adding more storage space for all the essentials without cluttering up the rest of the room! It’s pretty genius, because this space isn’t huge.

gorgous simple bath with open tub and faceted pendant | california style on coco kelley modern black paned shower | california style house tour on coco kelley

I can’t tell if these are two separate baths or not, but I’m assuming that they both belong to the master bath, and I love that luxurious tub! What a dream! The only part I’m not in love with is the vanity material – I think I would have opted for a more organic wood tone – but everything else is pretty chic. I also love that they subtly have incorporated more pebble/stone treatments in appropriate places. It ties into that cottage feel, like the original fireplace.

art wall and fresh modern design in a boy's bedroom | modern organic style california house tour white built in and closet organization for a boy's room | fresh california style house tour on coco kelley

The kids rooms are also really fun, and have adapted the same smart built-in strategy as in the master. They’ve also taken advantage of every nook for either storage or hangout space, as you’ll see below in the girl’s room – take a peek at that little crawl space!

classic pink girls room with daybed | new california style house tour on coco kelley pink playroom and a bedroom nook | california style house tour on coco kelley perfect classic bath with bohemian details | coco kelley

One more heavenly bath, but this time much more casual, so I’m guessing this one is for the kiddos. This is actually a bit more my speed and feels like it really goes with the rest of the house too. I love the vintage style sink and bath!

And just in case you needed one more space to clean up in…

modern meets organic in this shingled california style home | coco kelley outdoor shower with shingled exterior and whitewashed stone

The basic outdoor shower is basically the best. I love the feel of showering outside in the summer!

With the exception of a few minor details, I would have to say that this home really has it all. Here’s how we’d get the look!


1. brass ‘stick’ chandelier | 2. blue stripe ribbon art | 3. white lacquer dining table | 4. indigo ottoman stool | 5. macrame pillow | 6. woven leather lounge chair | 7. mquan ceramic bell | 8. cactus silk rug

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