Lynda Gardener is what I would officially call #stylistgoals. Based in Melbourne, her career as a designer and retailer alone is quite inspiring, but it’s the properties that she owns and decorates that really have me swooning (and taking notes!). Her latest perfectly styled rental cottage is worth a perusal for major inspiration.

layered organic textures in an open concept styled rental cottage layered organic textures in an open concept styled rental cottage

The second I saw this new home – called Room + Board – I knew it had to be the home of a stylist. Nobody else would be able to put together an arrangement on a dining table like that! Turns out I was close – and the vacation rental home of a stylist might be even better. When you don’t have to think about the practicality of day-to-day life as much, you get way more creative freedom! Like low hanging basket pendants, lounge seating, and minimal kitchen storage.

layered organic textures in an open concept styled rental cottage layered styling in an open concept rental cottage

So, sure, maybe wood stools don’t make for the most comfortable dining room seating, and a plethora of open storage in the kitchen might drive us crazy in a busy home, but here? We’ll, I’ll happily take it. In fact, I actually think the idea of open storage in a vacation rental makes tons of sense – how many times have you had to open every cupboard in your Airbnb just trying to find a glass?

layered styling in an open concept rental cottage rustic modern kitchen in this open concept rental cottage

What I love about Lynda Gardener as a stylist is that there is always life in her rooms. Spaces look as if someone had just walked out of the scene right before the photographer captured the moment. That my friends is a sign of a great stylist. Stools askew, magazines strewn about, blankets on sofas, food on tables, and plenty of perfectly imperfect moments. But it does make me wonder how many of these items actually live in this space and how many were placed just for the photo shoot!

styled open shelves in the kitchen with zellige tile

Did I mention that Lynda is also #hairgoals!? I adore her funky style!! She’s obviously a master at mixing materials both in her home and wardrobe.

layered organic textures in this styled rental cottage home by lynda gardner a perfectly styled cottage rental home with open bedroom

Through the mini hallway lies the bedroom, and I approve of the decision not to cut this space off with any type of doorway – it keeps the room feeling light while still maintaining some privacy. And of course I like how the neutral palette stays the same from room to room. It’s so important in a small space, and also allows for items to be easily swapped around, too.

rust linen headboard and layered textiles in this organic modern bedroom layered textiles and organic textures in the bedroom

While the overall aesthetic of this home is one that we’ve seen frequently, I’m still not tired of it. And the expertly layered elements in this space definitely make a case for why it works.

Side note: I 100% approve of using the same tile from your kitchen for your bathroom as a budget and sanity saver. Making tile decisions is hard and when it’s something this neutral (and this gorgeous) then you should never feel guilty about sticking with it. We had so much tile left over from our kitchen backsplash, that I wouldn’t be shocked if we ended up using it elsewhere in our home at some point.

concrete and natural tile with hanging planter baskets in a styled rental cottage

This bath is giving me major inspiration for our upcoming basement remodel project! The type of mix that can feel high end by adding thoughtful touches, but overall can be quite affordable, actually.

Are you still into this layered, organic look, or over tit? I think my love for it comes from my Southern California upbringing, so I’ll never tire of beachy elements like the ones incorporated here. But then again, I’ve been on a more traditional kick lately too! Where are you skewing these days?

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