Hey guys! I’m back from a little summer and soul searching hiatus and man did I need it. I may take those a bit more often. When you’re the only person running your own biz, it feels pretty impossible to truly step away, but I did the best I could, and have come out of it with a bit more clarity on some things that I’ll be sharing with you soon! But in the meantime, let’s jump back into some posts with this South London home belonging to Cyndia Harvey, full of simplified 70’s style and personality.

70s style living room mixed with classic architecture in south london cyndia harvey

There are several things I love about her home, but my favorite part is how completely original and soulful it is! In the interview with Cyndia on My Modern House, she notes how every piece was slowly sourced over time, via local flea markets, and it shows. While a lot of the pieces bring in the 70’s vibe that Cyndia was going for, it’s balanced by antique and global style.

a perfect mix of vintage flea market and antique in the home of cyndia harvey cyndia harvey subtle 70s style home in london with mustard yellow doors

The element in this home that caught my eye the most was the use of color in those gorgeous folding doors & bookcase! Here, the mustard gold paint is bold but also neutral enough to not be overwhelming. (The paint color is Benjamin Moore ‘Goldfield’.)

mustard ochre yellow doors and simple loft style bedroom with 70s style - cyndia harvey vintage nightstands and cactus silk bedding cyndia harvey

In the bedroom, this vintage bed set is paired with a cactus silk throw rug, keeping things at their most minimal. I love the wear on this rug and how it plays off the metallic and grey tones in the bed, pulling in the brown from the zebra print rug, which is the most bold piece in the space.

open loft kitchen with vintage bar stools and custom island cyndia harvey in her london loft kitchen

The island in the kitchen is the only new piece, custom made for the space. I love how it acts as a bookcase that ties back into the living room area, but is also great storage on the other side for more hidden kitchen wares. This is such a great example of how a custom piece can really elevate a fairly basic design. Can we also talk about all these gorgeous windows, pouring natural light into the loft? It looks like the doors open to a courtyard for some indoor/outdoor living.

custom kitchen island for extra storage - cyndia harvey london home vintage 70s style in cyndia harvey's london home oversized african mask and 70s style furnishings in the living room - cyndia harvey london flat

Despite so many bold pieces (this mask being the most!)  Cyndia’s home maintains restraint in her selections, and allows each piece to hold their own moment while not feeling at all precious. It’s fun, collected, and 100% her which is something we should all strive for. I get a lot of people asking about how to do that, and I think a lot of it comes in age and time. As we grow into ourselves, we become more connected to inherently knowing our style, feeling comfortable in it, and are able to invest in the items that call to us when they show up in our lives.

cyndia harvey hairstylist in her london home

For more on Cynida and her home, check out these profiles on Clever & The Modern House.

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