If you’ve been living under a design rock, then you may not yet have heard of Heidi Caillier. But up here in Seattle, she’s quickly turned into a design star, at least in my book. Her ability to layer textiles, use unexpected colors, and evoke nostalgia while keeping things ‘new’ in her designs is impressive.

Today I’m sharing with you her most recent design project that I absolutely adore. I’ve been holding on to this one, waiting for it to make its big debut in Country Living, and it’s finally here! (You can see the entire feature in their latest issue.) What I love about the overall design is how it is reminiscent of those English Cottage vibes that you know I’m into right now. But what’s most impressive is the way she weaves in modern moments amongst classics antiques, fun color choices, and a heavy dose of pattern. Let’s dive in, shall we?

There are two textile placements in this house that I’m infatuated with, and the first one is this chair (the second one is the wallpaper in the dining room which you can see peeking in here!). Placed in its own little corner of the living room, it’s really just doing its own thing amongst the more neutral earth tones. This kind of placement is what makes a space feel more collected – like perhaps that was Granny’s favorite chair that’s just been refreshed with a tonal floral. It’s also stunning paired with that modern marble fireplace.

I also love how FULL this room feels. As much as I love a sparse interior in theory, lately I’ve been gravitating towards styling like this where the rooms just feel lived in.

Funny how much the room changes when you see it from this angle, isn’t it? It feels much more calm.

Down the hallway we go to the bathroom of my dreams…

This is checking so many boxes for me! Classic details like the marble backsplash and those gorgeous arched mirrors combine nicely with the cottage vibes. You can spy a peek of the shower in the mirror below and my goodness does she look like a beauty! Love all that aged brass.

And now… the dining room!!! Oh my gosh you guys, I’m obsessed. I’m actually not sure I could do this in my own home – it feels borderline too busy for me, but I do love it. The solid paint job on the trim and cove ceilings that brings the color down a bit into the room is really balancing out that charming old wallpaper nicely. And the dish display is a fun touch, although I think it would also be nice to break up the mass of pattern with a dark old painting. This is making me really want to wallpaper our dining space!

I love how perfectly the colors in the wallpaper lead into the kitchen!! Which is a really fantastic space on its own. I’m really into the layout of the space, as it’s used to every bit of potential as far as storage and features. There’s even space for a breakfast nook and additional cabinets that seem like they lead to a back door.

You all know I love me a breakfast nook, and this one is aces! I love the striped fabric (we have a similar style in our nook!), and the mix of artwork. This gorgeous shade of green paint is also just perfection! I don’t think this color is going anywhere – it keeps popping up (especially in kitchens!) and I love it more and more each time I see it.

The bedrooms in the house each have their own distinct personality while keeping with that layered look that Heidi does so well. The master bedroom is having the most fun, with those salmon walls! The color mix in here is just so damn good!

Adore this very unexpected muddy lilac paint color that’s happening in the bath.

Next up, is the guest room which actually might be my favorite…

You know I love my woven elements and a stripe rug mixed with some granny patterns! I also like how the trim and walls have been painted all the same tone. Since I’m currently thinking about paint colors in our bedroom, I’m wondering if we should opt for this as a way to keep our very small space from feeling so broken up…

And last but not least, the kiddos room!

There’s almost a reverse trim situation going on here with white walls, and a buttery trim color. I kinda dig it. I love the casual tone of this room that still has some more elegant accents like the light fixture and a tailored reading nook.

So what do you think of this space? Are you digging the cottage style? I feel like there’s something for everyone in this home, even if there might be moments that might be a bit much for some of you. I’d love to hear your favorite details!

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