Let’s start the week with an inspiring house tour, folks! This one uses SO many materials and surfaces in interesting ways and provides a ton of ideas for minimal and modern decor, which can be tricky.

a luxuriously minimal mid-century modern house tour | coco kelley

When it comes to modern homes, I’m not into cold, clinical decor and finishes. There’s something sterile and uninviting about a home that strays into that museum territory (in my humble opinion). Here’s what I like about this place… it’s warm and welcoming while remaining mid-century inspired. Want to know how? The layering of textures and materials, plus the wood also adds a ton of warmth to this home. If you’re using neutrals in an ultra modern space like this- use warmer tones as opposed to cool.

a warm midcentury modern inspired dining room | house tour on coco kelley

Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, the dining room is the heart of this open concept home. Anchored by heavy, round vintage pendants, large blonde hide rugs, and an organic, live edge dining table, this space may be simplistic, but is beaming with style!

luxuriously minimal mid-century modern style home with open layout | house tour on coco kelley

I’m loving the texture of the walnut paneling in contrast with the bright white, glossy shiplap ceiling. It definitely offsets the cool gray concrete floor in the best way. Notice how the space is also filled with organic materials like marble, wood, textured rugs, and plants to add greenery? These natural items take the edge off modern lines and streamlined architecture… hence the cozy feeling it radiates.

And then there’s the art-filled, eclectic kitchen…

shiplap walls and modern cabinets with statement marble backsplash | mid century modern house tour coco kelley paneled wood wall kitchen in this mid-century modern house tour | coco kelley

This space blows me away! From the antique kitchen utensils and cutting boards to that insane stone backsplash, this room has my inner design nerd freaking out. The weathered decor perfectly compliments slick, modern lower cabinetry and low profile appliances.

assorted dishes open kitchen shelving | modern house tour coco kelley

Even the collection of dishes is perfect displayed on floating shelves, adding a pop of pattern to the wood paneling background.

luxe marble backsplash in this updated mid-century style kitchen | house tour on coco kelley shiplap walls, modern cabinets and statement marble backsplash make for a stunning update tot his midcentury kitchen | house tour coco kelley

The living room is just as impressive as the dining area and kitchen. Take a look…

midcentury modern living room with organic touches | house tour on coco kelley minimal style in this updated mid-century living room | house tour on coco kelley

Things I’m loving and noting? The amount of natural light flooding in through the modern sliding doors, that heavy whitewashed brick fireplace, and cozy, oversized, white linen furniture.

minimal organic meets luxury style in this updated mid-century living room | house tour on coco kelley

It could even be argued this modern home is a little bit rustic. Weathered red brick, oxidized ceramic planters, a vintage coffee table cart, and other primitive decor is juxtaposed with modern elements for the perfect curated look.

minimal organic meets luxury style in this updated mid-century home | house tour on coco kelley

More wood tones continue onto the bathroom ceiling meeting a hex tile border- this designerly bathroom might be my favorite space in the house…

minimal modern bathroom with cool tile detail ceiling coco kelley

What do you think of the abrupt and high contrast pattern of the tiled ceiling? I’m really into it! The space is so perfectly minimal and bright, it brings a fun and unexpected focal point into the shower.

On the opposing side sits a freestanding tub that perfectly anchors a picture window and another matching vintage pendant. Simplicity at it’s finest!

modern accents in a classic midcentury bathroom | home tour on coco kelley

Here’s one way to get the look of warm & welcoming modern perfection:

Minimal & Modern Get the Look

1.  round vintage pendant | 2. graphic painted bowl  | 3. classic lumbar pillow | 4. wall sconce | 5. vintage mirror | 6. platner stool | 7. coffee table cart | 8. linen slipcovered chair | 9. hide rug

I’m pretty much obsessing over the lighting in this one! That round pendant and hinge arm wall sconce are calling my name. I’m also partial to a white slipcovered sofa or armchair… in fact, that’s exactly what I have in my living room. Which room in this home are you most attracted to? In order, I’m feeling the dining room, bathroom, and that insanely beautiful kitchen.

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