Anyone else wanting to make their home feel like one big cozy hug these days? Early snow has arrived in parts of the country, while the rest of us are anticipating a winter of staying in. And last week, I added some rust tones to my living room, reminding me of  this cozy apartment that I had bookmarked to share with you all come fall. Well, here we are! This space offers some perfect lessons in layering warm tones with examples of why it’s ok to go overboard with wood, how to balance color with neutral, and a quick course in tonal design.

tonal decorating in an open living space apartment pink rust and wood tones

I’ve talked about this before, but the more open your living plan, the more essential it is to treat the space as whole. The challenge of considering every detail in every room, when it’s all one room, is real. I learned this quickly living in my downtown loft years ago. This apartment could not have done it better, in my opinion!

Layered wood on wood, combined with pink and rust makes this space feel so incredibly cozy. It also all works together when balanced by everyone’s current favorite neutral – a creamy white. This shot in particular gives us a really good glimpse into how the boucle chair and the Moroccan rug help to break up the warm tones, keeping the eye traveling from space to space.

wood on wood kitchen and dining space marble backsplash with floating wood shelves modern kitchen

In the kitchen, the marble is an essential piece in breaking up the layered wood on wood… but are you loving all those layered warm tones as much as I am? Part of the reason it works for me is that each wood element feels unique. The cabinetry is structured and modern, the herringbone floor offers a different pattern, and the antique dining table brings its own variations to the party. Elements like the woven seats in the chair and the rug under the table also play a role in breaking up all that wood… but in a way that’s not overwhelming or distracting.

modern lighting vintage wood table in the dining room built in bookshelf wall in living room with pink sofa

While I doubt the doors are left open when visitors come, the view from the living room into the bedroom is so in sync with the rest of the home, but distinct as well. The rust headboard ties perfectly into the tonal decor. I also love the pops of teal here that break things up just enough.

And can we talk about those built-in shelves? Such a dream! There’s also a nice balance of classic and modern style going on here that I always like to point out.

velvet headboard bedroom interior a cozy home office nook

I think it’s also worth noting the variety of metal finishes in the house. Some lighting is brass, other black, and then small accents in chrome as well. All too often this is something that I myself get caught up on, but have been paying more attention to lately during our basement renovation as I think it lends a more collected look to a space. Once you get in the habit of mixing this up a bit more, suddenly all that matchy matchy feels so boring!

tonal decorating in an open living space apartment pink rust and wood tones

I love how this tiny home has suddenly given me permission to try a few new things in our own home! And reassured me that the amount of layered wood I have going on in my living room is just fine. Truly a lesson to just trust our instincts and go with what feels good to you!

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