So, the first thing you need to know about this home is that I found it via a real estate site – which means this house is actually staged. The second thing you need to know is that it was staged and styled by A 1000xBetter whose style is killer, and when she stages a home… she’s really decorating for the space which makes the home just shine.

The third thing you could know is that this Hollywood Hills home has celebrity lineage, which is always cool. But that’s not why I love it. I love it because of the beautiful architecture, fun design moments, and the fact that it exudes a lot of classic California style with a hit of boho, which means it’s just my style.

If you’re not dying over the ceiling detail in this great room, you’re not human. Even better is the olive green trim on the doors that lead outside in every direction. *Sigh.* California living really is this good, guys. The living room is basic, but comfortable as far as furnishings go. Gotta love all those textures and a layers though!

I love the scale (and again – the ceiling!) of the dining room, which is just off the kitchen (you can see the breakfast nook through the doorway). Details like the sconces really speak to that classic California style, while the design feels fresh.

But it’s really when we get into the kitchen that I started to lose my mind over the design details…

I mean – that floor. For starters. The gorgeous lighting fixtures throughout. The scale of the kitchen. That stove. I’m pretty sure this room needs zero explanation as to why I love it. The details are all perfect. The balance of light and dark. The vintage rugs. The antique bronze. The marble. It checks all my boxes. Plus you know I love me a breakfast nook, and this is a gorgeous one – and also practical. So much additional storage!

What I love about this house is that the style jumps around a little bit. There are bright and airy rooms like this one where the palette is minimal, and bright. And then there are spaces like this…

This room feels totally funky and nostalgic to me with the wallpapered nooks, velvet curtains, salmon pink walls, and mix of patterns. The cohesive palette keeps it from feeling overwhelming. I picture late night parties here, despite the desk in the nook suggesting that it’s used as a study.

The master bedroom – by contrast – feels light, feminine, and family friendly…

Lots of quiet textile layering, along with soft natural light, gives the space an ethereal and calm quality. Through the doorway lies the master bath with the cutest his and hers sinks and a deep marble soaking tub.

I’m not a big monogram fan, but it’s pretty cute here. The shape of the mirrors throws me off a bit though, so I’d probably opt for replacing those the second I moved in… unless your initials happen to be B and M. Through a little hallway lies another (guest?) room, that exudes Hollywood style with its defining wallpaper…

As much as I’ve seen that classic banana leaf get overused in the past 10 years, it still works. And I think it feels especially appropriate for a guest bedroom, so I’ll forgive it. I like that rather than overly glamorous accents, the space was styled in a more bohemian look to go with the rest of the home styling. I think it helps the wallpaper from feeling overly cliché.

Outside, the backyard hosts a little guest cottage that’s just right for one, with a bed and bath to escape the main house (although I’m not sure why anyone would!). 

There are lots of meandering paths around the grounds, with seating for lounging in the sunshine, making the outside just as welcoming as the in.

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with the olive green trim? I’m thinking I may just need to paint our front door this color asap.

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