I don’t usually up and leave for a weekend away without saying goodbye, but last week was so hectic that the second I escaped from the city, I completely unplugged. Today, I’m making my way back home (tear) so thought it would be the perfect time to share this airy apartment in Madrid that completely evokes the feeling of being on vacation…

tour this small airy apartment in madrid | coco+kelley

The footprint is small – this little living room peeks right into the bedroom just beyond. I like that the cut-outs in the wall invite the light to come through the space, while maintaining a bit of privacy.

apartamento_pequeno_de_equipo_minu_en_malasana_717994435_800x1200 tour this small airy apartment in madrid | coco+kelley

A bench on one side of the room runs all the way down into a little breakfast ‘nook’ just big enough for two. That is smart design.

tour this small airy apartment in madrid | coco+kelley

And here – a hint of the kitchen – small and devoid of overhead cabinetry which lends to the open feeling (although I always wonder where people stash things in spaces like these…).

apartamento_pequeno_de_equipo_minu_en_malasana_193224926_800x1200 art on floating shelf

And, of course, the simple bedroom.  apartamento_pequeno_de_equipo_minu_en_malasana_963801140_800x1200

No joke, I almost bought one of those woven animal heads for our dining room – my guy thought I was crazy. Now I’m kicking myself becuase I still think they’re awesome. A couple of small stools provide ample space for bedside lighting and a place to rest some flowers, books, and whatnot.

While it would be hard for me to go back a smaller space like this one, sometimes I yearn for the simplicity that these spaces demand. Our weekend away found us in a little AirBnb that was such a space – everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. I hope to have a getaway home like this one day where the fresh white interiors and sparse decor allow for a calm place to clear one’s head…

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