I can hardly believe it’s nearly Labor Day weekend. The true mark of the end of summer, I’m determined to make it count, so we’ve been hunting around a bit for last-minute cabins and weekend getaway spots that we can at least take a little day trip to. But if I were on the east coast, I’m quite certain that this charming little cottage in Captain Jack’s Wharf might be the perfect escape…

small seaside cottage // captain jack's wharf small seaside cottage living room + view // captain jack's wharf

Now, if you’re an east coaster, I’m sure you’ve heard of this place, but being from the other side of the country, the NY Mag feature of this little space was my introduction to this row of tiny bungalows in Provincetown that was once used for fishermen to store bait and tackle.

In the 40’s it was where writers like Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams hung out. And now, it’s a crazy little mishmash of well restored cabins that you can – yes – rent.

small seaside cottage bedroom loft // captain jack's wharf small seaside cottage kitchen // captain jack's wharf

This cabin – Spindrift Hespurus – happens to be the one at the end of the dock, making it (I would guess) one of the most desired spots.

small seaside cottage // captain jack's wharf


2.nocrop.w1800.h1330 small seaside cottage kitchen // captain jack's wharf

As you can see there is one bunk above the kitchen and the other tucked away just behind. I have to say even for a tiny kitchen, this one is very well done. In fact the whole space is decorating quite perfectly. Enough to feel cozy, without being overdone which would only make it feel more cramped.

small seaside cottage bedroom // captain jack's wharf small seaside cottage bedroom + flag // captain jack's wharf

Yes, I have a feeling I’d quite enjoy it here! Do you have plans to make an end of summer getaway for this last long weekend?

To see more of the cabins, check out the Captain Jack’s Wharf site.  I may have to add this to my destination list next summer, but for those of you out there already, they’re open into mid-October!

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