I know I’ve been bringing you a heavy dose of color and pattern lately here on the blog, so I thought I’d share a house tour with you today that will reassure you all that I haven’t lost my mind – or my taste for white walls – just yet.

Chances are that by now you may have seen this classic Connecticut Cottage belonging to Michael DePerno and Andrew Fry, but I couldn’t resist sharing it here because I love it that much. Which caused me to wonder – what is it about this home that so many of us are drawn to? Maybe you can help me figure it out…

a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood - round dining room | house tour on coco kelley

To me, this home is classic Americana at its best. A collection of antiques from throughout the ages, honoring traditions and styles of the past. A warm white palette throughout that shows off the architecture and the pieces within. The many rooms are small and manageable, making them oh so cozy compared to the open layouts of today. And – it must be noted – that not an ounce of modernism is to be found here. It’s the kind of home that, as I get older, I very much appreciate.

a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-dining room vignette-coco kelley-house-toura classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-dining room-coco kelley-house-tourI couldn’t really say which pieces I love most in this dining room as literally all of them are so appealing. I suppose the cane chair and the stripe settee are really my jam. And I love the antique round table painted white! It helps keep things simple, with all the mismatched chairs in the room. The only item in here that I find somewhat unrealistic is that pure white rug. Everything else about this home feels so liveable, but that wouldn’t last two seconds with me!

a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-dining room detail-coco kelley-house-toura classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-etnryway and stairs-coco kelley-house-tourWhat I wouldn’t give for an open stairwell in our home! We have a beautiful one that goes up to the attic, but if we had opened it up we would have lost a ton of storage in the kitchen, which wasn’t really an option. This one is just lovely. I also wouldn’t mind a mud room out back!
a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-entryway- coco kelleyclassic country americana kitchen in connectictur with white and wood | house tour on coco kelleyThe kitchen might be my favorite space in the house. I didn’t want our own kitchen to go quite this classic country when we remodeled it – because I like a little modernism – but I’m thinking that when we tear out our basement kitchen it will look more along the lines of this one. The open shelving especially! a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-kitchen-coco kelley-house-toursmall classic country cottage kitchen in white and wood with open shelving | house tour on coco kelley

In older houses like this one, it’s more common to have lots of smaller rooms. Sitting rooms. How fun to decorate in this style! Rather than trying to fill a massive open space, I quite enjoy the idea of having a few smaller rooms to design for different uses. A living room, a den, a study…

soft white linen furnishings classic cottage style living room | house tour on coco kelleya classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-living-room-corner-coco kelley-house-tour

And now, we get to the bedrooms. I believe this smaller one here is a guest room, which I would happily take. We haven’t really talked about all the special little vignettes around the home, but I’m obsessed. That little antique table on the left with a mirror and a stack of books and a few objects? Those are my favorite little moments in any home. a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-bedroom-coco kelley-house-toura classic connecticut cottage in white and wood with canopy bed and antiques in the bedroom | coco kelley

The master bedroom is just as lovely, with a bit more masculine feel. It’s crazy how consistent the design is throughout the entire home. I have major antique envy, as it’s so hard to source pieces like this on the west coast. Even the bathroom boasts a beautiful old cabinet to tuck linens into! a classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-bath-coco kelley-house-toura classic connecticut cottage in white and wood-attic-coco kelley-house-tourclassic cottage attic living room in white | house tour on coco kelleyEven the attic is perfectly furnished with a mix of white linens, layered rugs and cosy moments.

Of course, getting the exact look of a space like this isn’t so easy – it’s going to take time to hunt down those perfect antiques, and a lot of investment furniture, but it’s achievable!!


1. antique butcher block kitchen island | 2. schoolhouse pendant | 3. striped settee | 4. rope back dining chair | 5. white pedestal table | 6. black serving bowl | 7. vintage earthenware serving bowl | 8. navajo style rug

If you’re like me, then antiquing is a challenge. Not only because of location (in my case) but also because it requires time, patience and a lot of knowledge! Luckily there are a few places online that I can turn to when hunting for that perfect item. Just keep in mind that it definitely helps to know a little bit about what you are looking for, and of course which keywords to use. My go-to’s are: Etsy, Rejuvination, Chairish and One Kings Lane.

It also helps to know where to go with antiques and where you can mix in some new. To me, it’s all about the mix! Knowing what the antique version looks like first can be really helpful. for example – the rope chair above is (gasp) Pottery Barn. They actually have some beautiful dining chair options right now! I would use these mixed with two vintage end chairs, maybe. Or to add into a mix of all vintage. When you mix in the right pieces, the new ones will play supporting roles nicely.

What are your favorite elements of this home? And, do you love is as much as I do?

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