When life gives you three days of snow storms, let me tell you: you’re ready for some sunshine. So, today I decided to switch up my editorial plans a bit and dive into some design that’s exactly what I’m craving right now! A California Hacienda style house tour with loads of windows flooding the rooms in warm light, layers of natural textiles, and a perfect mix of antiques. All styled to absolute perfection.entryway with baskets as art and layered south american textiles and antiques | california baja style house tour coco kelley

If I still lived in LA, this would be my dream home scenario: I love a Spanish hacienda more than anything! The architecture suits my interior style so naturally, lending itself to that perfect mix of classic silhouettes and loads of linens, with a touch of old-world farmhouse. casual hacienda house tour with layered textiles and perfect styling | coco kelleyliving room with pink moroccan rug and textiles with california hacienda style | coco kelley

In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen this home before, well, here’s the deal: it’s a movie set. And apparently the blog world went crazy for it in 2017 and I somehow completely missed it. So, here I am, bringing it back to life because it’s just too good not to.

The movie was called Home Again, and it was the directorial debut of Nancy Meyers’ daughter. Now you know why the design is so perfect. The two created the look of the home together, and it shows! Hallie Meyers-Shyer brought more color and casual comfort to the set than we see in most Nancy Meyers films. casual art on the mantel and styled coffee table | california hacienda house tourcollected art, candles and blue and white jars | hacienda house tour on coco kelley

The premise being a single mom (Reese Witherspoon) living newly-divorced with her two girls in her childhood home brought a lot of the direction to this space, just as it would in real life. And that meant an abundance of pink wherever it felt right. I especially love it in the master bedroom headboard!pink and red frazada blanket heardboard with mixed textiles | california style mediterranean house tour on coco kelleyhome office with woven chairs | hacienda house tour on coco kelley

It would also appear that the main character just happens to be an interior designer. How convenient. That said, this little home office is pretty darn cute. Also, there is just a whole lot of good art in this home!! layered textiles and stripes in a casual sitting area | california hacienda house tour on coco kelley

I adore this cozy family room nook. It’s a perfect example of the California Hacienda style driving this whole interior! I love that rug SO MUCH. But my favorite spot might be the breakfast nook in the kitchen… sunny breakfast nook with rattan chairs and tulip table | baja style in california house tour

Now this is my jam! Woven chairs, covered with my favorite Heather Taylor Home pillows (I’ve been coveting them for so long now, I think I just need to buy ’em!), and paired with a modern marble tulip table!? Yes yes yes! Drench me in sunshine and pour me some coffee!!

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the extensive outdoor areas that include a pool, a sprawling lawn, a huge outdoor fireplace and dining patio, a fountain courtyard and … a gorgeous guest house. california mediterranean home exterior backyard with pool and house covered in vinesbright and casual guest house with lots of layered textiles | coco kelley

I sure wouldn’t mind being a visitor here. The perfect layered mix continues right into this adorable studio. Can we pause a moment for that ceiling treatment, too? Yes yes, this will do just nicely.

If you want to join me in daydreaming on how to make your space just as lovely… california-hacienda-style-and-how-to-get-the-look-coco-kelley

1. lantern pendant | 2. blue pillow | 3. woven basket | 4. pink and blue abstract art | 5. peruvian blanket | 6. turned leg side table | 7. rattan chair | 8. blue & white ginger jar | 9. striped jute rug

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