I’m probably the number one fan of round pedestal tables! They’re the most versatile table, look great in any space, and are especially handy if you’re short on square footage or are working with a tiny dining room, breakfast area, entryway or studio.

During the quest for my own tulip table, I discovered SO many gorgeous styles, but more interestingly- noticed that many of the designer pieces had been duplicated. So, I’ve compiled 33(!) pedestal tables of every style, complete with the high priced, quality designer version… as well as a lower budget friendly alternative.

Modern Pedestal Table a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

1. geneva round dining table OR 2. round blanca table | 3. otago white dining table OR 4. white lacquer dining table | 5. tamsin gold dining table OR 6. remi white & gold dining table

From the first set, I actually prefer the budget version to the designer version! The shape is slightly different with less ornate details. I’d pair it with modern dining chairs or place a statement arrangement on top in an entryway.

new traditional dining room with stripe rug and round table a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

1.  industrial round teak table OR 2. slab round dining table | 3. reclaimed round dining table OR 4. alexa round dining table | 5. knoll planter dining table OR 6. tiered copper dining table

I love the way a round table influences traffic in a room because of its organic shape. In the room above, you can see how the round table helps to ground the space, breaking up all those lines and providing movement.

modern dining room with wood pedestal table - via coco kelley a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

1. bradshaw table OR 2. perth dining table | 3. borsani dining table OR 4. silverado round dining table | 5. pedestal dining table OR 6. revolve adjustable height dining table

From the above set, I’m eyeballing the top tripod tables or the simplistic wood tables at the bottom. They’re both really versatile, yet interesting. I love the way a round table influences traffic in a room because of its organic shape.

Pedestal Table with Blue Dining Chairs a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

1. x base round dining table OR 2. farmhouse table | 3. carlisle dining table OR 4. compass dining table | 5. iris dining table OR 6. mid century round dining table

Talk about a BIG different in price in the above collage. All three of these table styles have a nearly perfect match with a significantly lower price. I’m imagining a traditional, upholstered chair with the modern white tables.

classic pedestal dining table with windsor chairs lonny magazine | via cocokelley a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

1. navarro round dining table OR 2. abbott round dining table | 3. coastal retreat pedestal table OR 4. lana pedestal dining table | 5. wythe round dining table OR 6. uptown round dining table

Every now and then I see a bold colored table and think, “Why haven’t I tried that?!” I’m always attracted to looks styled with a pop of color in the dining room. The teal and aqua tables shown above are definitely statement pieces… but the budget alternative proves that you don’t need a couple thousand dollars to make a statement.

marble pedestal table with gold pendant breakfast nook

The vision for my current dining room has always been to pair a marble tulip table with a set of Breuer chairs I upholstered with an amazing French fabric! I can see it perfectly coming together, yet two years later- I’m still rocking the Ikea tulip table and have yet to commit. I think it’s because there are so many versions of this tulip table, I have a hard time deciding which option is best. Plus, part of me is also crossing my fingers for a real vintage one. This led me to the last of the table collages… one devoted specifically to the tulip table:

a high/low pedestal table roundup from coco kelley

high: designer round tulip table | middle: marble round tulip table | low: faux marble round tulip table

Right now, I’d probably go with the middle option. It’s real marble, but not extremely high priced like the designer version. The faux version looks convincing, but I really want a nice heavy table that will last for years to come.

Which pair of tables is your favorite and would you splurge on the designer version or be just as happy with the alternative? It’s a tough choice!

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