Call it whatever you want – global, boho chic, or tribal – but you know it when you see it. And lately, we can’t get enough of it. The look is all about layers of fabrics sourced from around the globe – think shibori, kilim, blockprint and mudcloth – mixed in with current fabrics whose designs fit seamlessly to compliment these ancient textiles.

see our top sources for fabric to help you get the layered look in your own home | via coco kelley

Our design clients are allllll about it. But it’s important to us that each client’s home still feels like them, so rather than sourcing from the same shops all the time, we like to throw in a few custom pillows or curtains wherever we can. And today, we’re sharing our favorite designer fabric sources for that perfectly layered look!

layered custom textiles in a reading nook | house beautiful via coco kelley

The difference it makes is huge – you’ve seen so yourself in quite of the few home tours we’ve been showing off lately. So in between your store-bought pillows, consider a few custom options to add a little originality, and don’t be afraid to really mix things up!

our top 10 favorite fabric sources to create a custom layered feel in your own home | coco kelley

1 // Carolina Irving: The colorways and patterns here provide a punch that we don’t see as often in these other collections, making Carolina’s work even more unique. Shown here: Siam, Aegean Stripe and Cordoba.

2 // zak + fox: We’ve had major love for the talents of Zak since the inception of his small line, but as time goes on I’m more and more impressed with his use of color and ability to make the most ancient patterns feel relevant – and even new – again. Shown here: la tanrrilla, cloudband, and khotan (a personal fave!)

3 // Eva Sonaike: African prints with a more graphic, modern element makes this collection truly unique. We love the colors and the unique ways in which they work together or as standout pieces. Shown here: Erin,  Ala II, and Aluro

4 // Seema Krish: Influenced by her Indian heritage, this San Francisco designer’s take on global style is a mix of modern and traditional, and her thick block print linen is fantastic. Shown here: Union Square, Highline and Gramercy.

5 // Rebecca Atwood: We love Rebecca’s dreamy, imperfect patterns and watercolor fabrics as a softer addition to this group. Her beautiful prints lend a more organic quality to these layers. Shown here:  dotted floral, dashes in white, marbled stripe in navy

6 // John Robshaw: You can’t talk about global prints without mentioning John Robshaw – his signature Indian prints have become a staple in the design world. Shown here: Java IndigoShirini Gray, Farzu Lotus

7 // Lacefield Designs:  We consider these our global prints for the traditionalist who isn’t afraid of color. Lacefield offers such a huge variety, you really can’t go wrong, but we love that their patterns have a classic feel to them. Shown here: Bindi Cobalt, Diego Prussian BlueBoca Wedgewood

8 // Susan Connor: Her pillows have become a bit of a cult favorite around here, and I’m dying to put a few in my home soon. At once graphic, but soft, Susan’s textiles play well with others, which makes them perfect for mixing into any environment. Shown here:  Circa, Ponti and Diamond.

9 // Schumacher: Always a go-to for us when it comes to fabric, the latest tribal chic collections from Schumacher make mixing and matching easy, and we’re happy to see them taking a modern approach to this look. Shown here: Domino , Bora Bora, and Nomad.

10 // Holland & Sherry: The collaborations area of Holland & Sherry is what puts them in this category, and their work with Katie Leede is our favorite. Her L’Orient collection is shown here: Kimono Positive, Cloud Scroll Positive, and Amun Stripe

Many of these fabrics are ‘to the trade’ only which means you have to hire an interior designer or decorator to have them purchased, however – pro tip – if you fall in love with a specific fabric and you don’t need much of it, it’s always worth a look on places like Etsy to see if you can find some scraps or, in some cases, even stumble upon a pillow already made! (And of course, if you’re interesting in purchasing, feel free to contact us at The Emerald Studio to assist you!)

Notable mentions also go out to Galbraith & Paul, whose staples like Tusk and Lattice are always great, as well as Peter Fasano’s woodblocks which I have yet to use but look just lovely!

images via amber interiors and house beautiful

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