Getting to design offices is actually one of my favorite projects. Seeing as we spend half our lives in our work space, it only makes sense that attention should be paid to the environment in which we find ourselves day after day. So, when my friends at The Mine asked for a little assistance with an office makeover for their lovely CEO, Michelle Newbery, I was pretty excited to jump in and turn what had been a sea of corporate beige into a serene, thoughtful and welcoming space for her to work in.

neutral office with a bit of beach blue - corporate office makeover | emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

The ‘Before’ photo is essential here because really – it wasn’t that bad. There were elements that were fun and stylish, but all together it was really a bit too neutral. The large chunky desk was rarely used since Michelle prefers her standing desk, and the overuse of warm beige tones on the walls and in the furniture made it fall flat.

before - this corporate office was a sea of beige and mismatched styles before its makeover! corporate office makeover creates a bright calm space in white and blue

The ‘After’ shows how much a coat of paint and some more purposefully selected furniture can make a huge difference in a room! One of my main objectives was to turn the office into a space that felt more like a home. When you’re in the design industry, don’t you think your office should feel as welcoming as your living room? I do!

But let’s talk a little bit about the process and some options we considered…

office rendering option one - mauve and neutrals with black desk chair office rendering option two - mauve and neutrals with cream desk chair

We started with the main pieces – the desk, console and ‘conference’ table and then worked from there to narrow down the options for the lounge chairs, rug and coffee table. The final pieces were the accents: chairs for around the conference table as well as the desk chair, and the drapes. These were essential because this is where color and pattern would enter the room a bit more!

office rendering option three - blue and neutrals with black desk chair office rendering option four - blue and neutrals with cream desk chair

When it came down to these final smaller decisions, I honestly feel like we couldn’t have gone wrong but I was pretty thrilled that the blue chairs were the winners because they were even more beautiful in person! I also think they’re a bit more classic. Having blue be the main color really set the tone for the rest of the space. Do you have one rendering that you like most?

serene blue accents create a beautiful neutral space in this corporate office makeover | emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

One of my favorite pieces in here is that gorgeous photography print from my friend Deb Achak. It brings a total sense of calm to the space for me, and I was so thrilled we could use a local artist for this space! Once we saw how plush the chairs were, we decided that Michelle would use one as her main chair and the other could float between her desk and the conference table. I like when pieces feel like they can be pulled around a bit in a space.

a chic marble dining room table and black wishbone chairs create a meeting area in this corporate office makeover | emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

We purposefully only put four wishbone chairs around the conference table so that the room didn’t feel so overcrowded with seating, and the blue chairs can sit at the end of the table if need be. To create this area as its own moment, we dropped a gorgeous chandelier over the marble dining table to designate it as its own space. I love how the addition of some sheer drapes helps soften the edges of the office.

On the other side of the room this is how things were looking before…

the 'before' of this corporate office makeover a neutral seating area in this corporate office makeover | emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

We replaced the small loveseat with low armchairs that added a little more style and edge to the space. They also allowed for a small coffee table and more flexibility in the ‘lounge’ area. We separated this space from the others with a large area rug that makes it quite cozy! A white board replaced the TV screens so that this spot could be used for brainstorming or inspiration during meetings.

soft neutrals and cozy textures create a whole new look for this corporate office makeover | emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

I think my productivity would at double in a space that feels so calm, cozy and welcoming! We wanted to add a hint of glamour but not make things overly feminine in the space, so touches like that lamp and other brass accents really help in that regard.

soft neutral desk area with pretty blue accents | corporate office makeover by emerald studio interior design on coco kelley

And here’s how you can get the look! Everything we sourced for the room, besides a few accessories and the artwork, is available on The Mine.

get the look :: a cool & calm office space | coco kelley

1. linear chandelier | 2. shagreen tray | 3. wave photography artwork | 4. dining table| 5. blue armchair | 6. white and gold task lamp | 7.  diamond moroccan style area rug | 8. file cabinet

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