When designing a space for myself or clients, I always start with the basics, and then – as things build a bit more – look at places to add unique twists. Sometimes the creativity comes out of necessity, like… say a poorly placed window…

bathroom window solution - float the mirror over the window! // coco kelley

Or maybe the sink was put there first? Either way, I love this solution to an awkward space. Simply float the mirror in front of the window and it doesn’t seem so strange anymore! It also makes it more functional – such great natural light to get ready by!

mounting an antique or traditional piece gives it a clean modern feel // coco kelley

Sometimes creativity comes out of an aesthetic challenge. For example, this type of piece wouldn’t normally be something I’d gravitate towards, but by mounting the antique storage it takes on a more modern appeal as a media center!  A great compromise if designing for two opposing aesthetics, and proof that there’s always a solution!

use glass shelves in a window for barely-there storage // coco kelley

Another great solution to window storage – floating a thin piece of glass for shelving. I love having my desk face the window, and having that little bit of display area just adds more personality to the workspace in a clean, non-intrusive way.

repurpose an antique cabinet for more interesting storage in the kitchen // coco kelley

Another example of floating an antique – maybe for a space that is historic in nature, but needs to be renovated? I love the idea of repurposing the old cabinet for display in this modern kitchen. The contrast is totally unexpected.

float a DIY wood shelf as an accent or bedside table // coco kelley

And finally – one of my more recent favorites – floating a nightstand! Although I’m not sure I’d want to place my water glass on this one (no doubt it’d go flying at some point) this is a unique way to open up space below for baskets or just keeping things clean.

images :: unknown // jessica helgerson //  emma persson // gisbert poeppler // the merry thought

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