No matter how hard I try to settle into a new space right away, the fact is that it just takes time! You may remember that we moved into a new studio office space in January of this year. And here it is, October, and I’m finally feeling like we’re settled in.

While I’m saving a tour of the office for our big reveal later this month, for now I thought I’d give you a peek at where things are at with my little corner of the studio, as well as some ways in which we had to get a little crafty when designing a creative office space. a peek at my office space and how i keep creative in the studio | coco kelleytips for designing a creative office space | coco kelleymy whiteboard is my space for creative project brainstorms | coco kelleyIn the past, my office spaces have always been wide open studios. This is the first time ever that our studio is divided into separate rooms, and that I’ve had my own little corner like this. I’ve never had so much wall space to decorate! And I love having a more cozy area. But it didn’t come without its own set of challenges.

There’s not a ton of room for storage (as you can see) and there were a few little quirks to the corner that I had to work around, especially when it came to the location of the lightswitch for the room (right behind my desk) and the outlet (on the complete opposite side I would have preferred it on!)building a gallery wall around a switchplate | coco kelleyThankfully, with our ongoing partnership with Legrand, I knew exactly what the solution would be here. First, I took out the old dimmer switch that was SO BAD and broken. Then, I installed the adorne sofTap Dimmer Switch to get things looking a bit more chic. upgrade your lighting to something chic with the Legrand adorne series | coco kelleyswitch up your switchplate super easily with the adorne collection of hardware | coco kelleyYou may remember from our first post with the adorne series that the best part about this hardware is that you can easily swap the switchplates out to suit any mood, season or color scheme that you want! Because I wasn’t sure which style I’d like the most, I ordered black, pale blue, and that gooooorgeous brasslegrand-switchplatesI seriously can’t decide which one I like the most! The black goes well with the rest of the space. The blue is so fresh and fun. And the brass is just plain chic! Do you have a favorite? By building a gallery wall around the light switch here, we made it a part of the design instead of trying to hide it or work against it.

Here are a few other quick ways in which we kept things creative in the office, and solved some design challenges while we were at it! tips for designing a creative office space | coco kelleyMy number one need in an office for creativity is this whiteboard! I love using it to put color stories or design elements together. I also use it for inspiration for future photo shoots, reminders for events, etc. If you only have one wall to hang stuff on in your office, I’d take a whiteboard (or bulletin board) anyday over art! It’s a reminder for me to keep inventing and being creative.

tips for designing a creative office space | coco kelleyIf your outlet is in an awkward spot in the room (highly likely if you are in a non-traditional office space or at home!), the solution here is simple. Add a stool by the outlet that you can style with stacked books, use for dropping mail, or place plants or a candle on. In my office, I use it for mail and magazines, and then I have a place to set my phone when charging it!

By the way – we also replaced this old outlet with a combo from adorne that made it possible for me to have the USB port for my phone (and my lighting bolt!), as well as charger space for my laptop.  Win! tips for designing a creative office space | coco kelleyThose rolls of colorful paper? Well, they’re backdrops that we use for photography, but I thought they added some fun color and creative vibes to my little corner! Don’t be afraid to put the tools of your trade on display. I also have a few baskets sitting around (like the striped one here) that I put fabrics and other design materials in. While I definitely have some closed storage in other areas of the office, having a few things out like this adds to the creative energy and makes things more accessible! designing a creative office space | coco kelleyThis one is probably a no-brainer, but adding layers to your space will make it way more cozy! I haven’t decided if a rug is right in here, but if this were my home office I’d definitely have one. The blue fur throw on the chair is one of my favorite things about my desk area because I love how it adds color, texture and a playful element to the space! designing a creative office space | coco kelleyOk, I know I’ve covered this above, but regardless of if your switchplate is right next to the door, or right above your desk, paying attention to elements like this can help elevate the space immensely. Take a look around your office area and see if there are ways in which you can swap out easy items like hardware to freshen things up. tips for designing a creative office space | coco kelley

Now I’m finally feeling like I can get really organized and energized for work in this space, which is the most important part! And, I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the studio!!

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