I’ve been going through a big debate between copper and brass accents in my kitchen. Funny enough – I don’t usually have a problem mixing certain metals, but doing both together seems excessive and weird in my head, so I’ve decided I can only fully commit to one. And while, of course, there are the obvious ways of incorporating either into my design plans (hardware, lighting, etc) I’ve been looking for other unique ways to bring in these metallic elements…

a metallic panel in a wood built in for this breakfast nook adds beautiful detail - coco kelley in the details

We happen to be building in a breakfast nook, but it won’t look quite as cool as this one with a big copper slab running through the wood built-ins! See how my mixing metals fear has already been disproven here? The brass light looks pretty good with it too.

a brass strip with pegs creates the coolest hanging storage weve ever seen - coco kelley in the the details

Not gonna lie – this one might be my favorite detail and one I’d be most likely to copy – a simple brass band with pegs for holding cooking utensils, herbs, whatever! I like that it’s subtle too – there’s a lot going on in a kitchen, so sometimes these little details do best!

a mirrored copper backsplash makes this hallway bar a cool focal point - coco kelley in the details

So, this isn’t exactly in the kitchen, but I know a lot of us have dead spots like this around our homes. Usually reserved for a piece of art or a mirror, I love how this homeowner turned it into a bar (and a spot for their doggie dishes!). The copper-mirror material gives this piece some stunning depth and character.

industrial style copper details in lighting hood and legs - coco kelley

I’ve seen some stunning brass hoods around lately, but not as much for copper. Perhaps it has to do with that lovely patina it gets? I can see how it might drive some type-A people crazy, but I think it’s pretty cool! The copper pipe lighting situation is also a really unique take on track lighting, and I love that they added the little bit of copper in the legs to the island too – so thoughtful in bringing the metal throughout the room!

a copper backsplash bring patina and detail to this rustic kitchen | in the details via coco kelley

A farmhouse or rustic style kitchen seems the obvious choice for some copper accents. Here, they opted for a copper backsplash to the range. The perfect place for this metal, I think – the history of your meals cooked will long be remembered in that copper!

brass banding in white subway tile - coco kelley in the details

And finally, taking a little inspiration from a commercial space, this patina brass band that cuts through the white subway tiles could easily be translated to an accent wall in the kitchen! Again, I love that natural aging.

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