It’s been quite a while since we posted a home on here that I would describe as ‘stately’, but this home is just that. Refined and indulgently romantic, this classic house tour is giving me all the on-the-verge-of-spring feels. While my personal style skews just a bit more casual, given the right home (a space with more historic detail, high ceilings and plenty of square footage), I could happily dwell in this kind of design.

a perfectly refined living room | classic house tour on coco kelley romantic living room vibes | classic house tour on coco kelley

What I love most about the style of this home is that while it is incredibly refined, the pieces are still an approachable mix. For example – that organic coffee table is not what I would have guessed would grace this gorgeous living room, but it’s absolutely the perfect touch. And instead of a gilded coffee table (which is what I would have expected) we have a gilded etagere.

There are also some playful elements like the chandelier and the mini velvet stool that keep things from feeling too precious.

Sidenote: remind me when my climbing roses come out to snip a branch of them like this!! So romantic!

dining room with gold yellow chairs | a romantic house tour on coco kelley

In the dining room, I love how every piece is classic except the super modern lines of the dining room table. A lovely juxtaposition of style! Plus another touch of organic with the vase full of wild florals. That ochre yellow color keeps things feeling happy instead of stuffy, if you ask me!

ochre yellow velvet dining chair and art on a paneled wall | house tour on coco kelley a touch of modern in the stools of this classic kitchen | house tour on coco kelley

I wish I could see more of the kitchen! It feels a little hodgepodge, in the most charming way. Painting everything white keeps it cohesive, but how funny are those cutesy open shelves? Not at all what I would have expected! Again, the touches of modern in the stools and even the sink faucet help balance things out.

chinoiserie wallpaper and four poster bed in this classic home | house tour on coco kelley

And then there’s the bedroom. Romance alert! I so wish I had space for a four-poster bed in my own home! I loved the turned wood on this one. Refined elegance is the name of the game here, and in the bath as well…

gorgeous marble sink and antique chest in the bath | house tour on coco kelley

When you’re keeping each room this simple each detail stands out and this home make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed. How to get the look of this stunning space? Well, we can only try our best…

get the look of this classic home with modern romance | coco kelley

1. french-inspired dining chair | 2. white chandelier | 3. textured white vase | 4. sculptural vase | 5. gold etagere | 6. chinoiserie art | 7. mini velvet ottoman | 8.marble side table | 9. lilac rug

I’m surprised by how much this classic style feels like a breath of fresh air. It makes me realize how repetitive a lot of the homes out there are right now! I couldn’t even pick a favorite element, because each one feels so essential,

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