Being a west coast girl, I tend to decorate in a more laid-back fashion that reflects not only my own personal aesthetic, but is practical enough to work for our family. But if I had to select a room that felt most like what I imagine my east coast persona to feel like, it might be this meticulously decorated, very chic living room in creamy whites by Alyssa Kapito.styled-library-table-design-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelleya-chic-creamy-neutral-living-room-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelley

I love how this space has been divided into several different usable areas: the main area for seating, one corner for a desk, and the other corner for a chic library table of sorts. And yet all the elements seem to float nicely, anchored by the dramatic fireplace, statement artwork, classic architecture and – in the middle of it all – that striking white plaster chandelier. chic-desk-area-in-a-neutral-living-room-with-high-end-design-pieces-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelley styled-library-table-design-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelleyhigh-contrast-black-and-white-end-table-vignette-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelley.

There is a lovely mix of antiques and modern furnishings in the space that have been so expertly combined that the room feels timeless in a new traditional sort of way. I love the quirky black stools the most as an accent, although the library table moment is my favorite!

I imagine filling a room in this scale is not an easy task, and it would be tempting to overstuff it with so many pieces, but you can see the restraint in Alyssa’s design here and I’m here for it. There is so much breathing room!! a-styled-library-table-design-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelleychic-creamy-neutral-living-room-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelley

Something about the way the chairs sit a bit askew instead of too perfectly placed helps the room feel more approachable despite it’s obviously elevated style. I’ve also noticed that, while these types of spaces can be overly symmetrical, Kapito has elected to keep things less traditional. Case in point: a chair to one side of the fireplace, and a basket on the other. Or if you take another look at the sofa, you’ll see a sconce on one end and art on the other. These little touches add up to a much larger impact that a visitor to this room is likely completely unaware of, but feels nevertheless. chic-creamy-neutral-living-room-in-black-and-white-by-alyssa-kapito-room-of-the-week-on-coco-kelley

Another few elements I’m enjoying in here include the lightly detailed mirror above the fireplace, and the pillars topped by urns on either side. I imagine it might be fun to switch up the items that sit on top of those white curvy beauties – you could have some fun with it! Or just fill the vases with lively bunches of florals and greens.

What are your favorites?

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