Never in a million years would I think myself a fan of an orange sofa. But there’s certainly a first time for everything, and this lofty New York space, designed for owner James Hirschfeld (co-founder of Paperless Post!) by CeCe Barfield, is convincing me that there is something to love in this bold color.

orange sofa in a white loft living room space | home of james hirschfeld via arch digest

If you let your eye travel through the space you’ll notice a mix of rich greens and classic blues dappled throughout the loft, and I love how these saturated tones are all working together!

Only a space like this, with ceilings that high could house a shaded chandelier of that scale, and I love itPlease note the pleated lampshades throughout the room – even on the grande dame.

built in bookcase and library ladder in the dining room | james hirschfeld via arch digest

This is a dream library set up if I’ve ever seen one. I’m a huge fan of any opportunity to mix books in with a dining room, and the experience of a library ladder. The artwork placement is also just lovely! In fact, the mix of art in the home is quite fun. Ranging from moody to modern, the array and placement keep your eye moving. I can never get enough art!

a lofted gallery wall surrounds the fireplace | james hirschfeld home via arch digest

And while this is a Room of the Week, I can’t resist sharing a few other moments from this well designed space.

a classic open kitchen with green marble countertops and nickel hardware | cece barfield

The kitchen, with its mix of polished nickel hardware and green marble countertops, is an instant classic. I  just wish I could see more of it!

blue walls in a bedroom with orange accents | design by cece barfield

And the bedroom, where the blue and orange-red color scheme continues is so unexpected! If feels cozy, classic and playful, which is always a winning combination. Its inspiring me to try some orange in my dining room whose walls are quite similar to this!

Could you adopt such a bold palette in your own home? Where would you put it??

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