Forget spring cleaning. New Year’s is the time where most feel like organizing, purging, and reimagining – and not just in our home. Our studio needs some major work, too. We acquired a new adjacent area in September of last year that added much needed space for storage, and it’s been in a state of casual disarray since. My goal for January is tackling that room, dividing the space into room for props, photography equipment, and maaaaybe even a kitchen prep area. Maybe.

So, as I motivate and brainstorm, this backyard studio belonging to photographer Erin Scott is giving me major inspiration as our Room of the Week! shelves full of props in this backyard photo studio | tour on coco kelleythe perfect food photography studio setup | coco kelley

The light in this studio is just amazing. This room was actually a garage, and I imagine that many of the windows and skylights were added for this purpose. The best being the overhead light diffused by white sheets, which you can see more clearly in the photo below. It’s like shooting in one big light box!!! Heaven for any stylist or photographer! this backyard photo studio was built for plenty of diffused natural light | tour on coco kelleya moveable cart for prop styling can go wherever the light moves | backyard photo studio tour on coco kelley

Another smart trick? A styling table on wheels. I imagine this gets used as an island when cooking, and moved to the windows (or elsewhere!) for shooting. So ideal and convenient!

And then there are the shelves and shelves full of stunning props: bowls, glassware, baskets, kettles boards, you name it! beautiful backyard photo studio kitchen with open shelving marble backsplash | tour on coco kelley a naturally styled photography and prop studio | tour on coco kelleyopen shelving holds tons of food styling props | backyard photo studio kitchen tour on coco kelley a small sink in waterfall marble | backyard photo studio kitchen tour on coco kelleyperfect open shelving with a marble backsplash | backyard photo studio kitchen tour on coco kelley

The mix of all this earthenware style is just beautiful. So natural and cohesive too! And everything out in the open which is so essential for styling. You want to be able to see all of your options at once!

On the other side of the studio, there is a desk area that’s also filled with props, but includes space for editing and organization with kitchen and desk space | tour on coco kelleygorgeous open shelving with gradient organization | coco kelleyglassware organized by color in this backyard studio kitchen | coco kelleya backyard home office and photo studio tour on coco kelley

I love the gradient of glassware especially – it helps from both a practical standpoint (keeping similar colors together to more easily find things) but also from a calm standpoint. The space feels less full and cluttered with a clean palette, but still done in an unfussy, natural way.


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