Every time we do another Supper Club at our office, I’m totally blown away by what our Chef (and fearless leader) JJ Proville cooks up, but I knew  that August was going to be the best month of all…

AugustSupperClub_11 august supper club1

And I wasn’t disappointed!

AugustSupperClub3 august supper club2 AugustSupperClub_8

I love watching the guys work their magic in our little kitchen, putting together the most beautiful (and delicious, of course) appetizers and dishes I’ve ever seen…


Me? I’m quite happy with mixing the cocktails and setting the table. This time we came up with our own concoction of a limeade, cucumber, gin and mint – the best ingredient being the mint sparkling water you can buy at Whole Foods. Whaaaat? So good. So refreshing.


As the season changes, however, I’m curious to see what Chef JJP does next to bring us into fall! Interested? Join us September 27th for the next course.

AugustSupperClub4 AugustSupperClub_13

And if your’e interested in being on the mailing list (we send out our emails to this list before posting the tickets on coco+kelley!) then you can join right here.

photography :: miles fortune

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