This post was created in partnership with Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. 

Over the last year and a half, if there’s one thing I think we’ve all learned, it’s the importance of creating spaces in our homes that support us in different ways. From carving out nooks for productivity, to finding a space to unplug and unwind at the end of the day… the value of either is immeasurable! Today, I’ve partnered with Chateau Ste. Michelle to give you a few quick tips on making a space for the latter – your own little ‘Chateau’ moment, so to speak. A place where you can escape with your favorite glass of wine (needless to say, my current favorite from Chateau Ste Michelle is their rosé!). 

setting a chateau style table with chateau ste michelle and coco kelley

When I think of creating my own chateau, I think of that perfect mix of relaxed and refined. Imagine the way you feel when you’re on vacation… wouldn’t it be nice if there was a spot in your home that recreated that same experience!?  To emulate this feeling, there are a few key elements I use to set the space – or the table. Ready to see how?  I put these steps into action using a corner of our studio to demonstrate how layering and adding detail can quickly transform and transport.

five tips to styling any corner of your home for a relaxing chateau moment

1. Comfort is Key: Not to lead with the ‘boring’ stuff, but sometimes practicality is the most essential ingredient when styling a space. If you’re looking to relax, then you’ve got to create something comfortable! If you’ve got hard chairs – add a cushion! If your escape nook is a corner on the floor – add a cushion! If you’re escaping to a bubble bath… yep, add a cushion! Whatever you do, make sure that you are setting your space up for successful lounging.

Here’s a pro tip from my apartment dwelling days: I love having a pair of chairs or bench that functions perfectly in the living room or dining nook. I would move them around depending on guests or how I was using the space. In our studio we do the same thing – investing in versatile pieces that can work just as well around a table as they do in a conversational layout. Here, I took a bare bench that we already had, added pillows to soften it up and give it a back, and moved a pair of sling chairs over to complete the scene.

relaxed loft breakfast nook

2. Layer Your Linens: Whenever a client tells me their room doesn’t feel ‘finished’, it’s typically because they’re missing some layering elements. Linens are game changers. Here, covering a modern marble dining table with a linen tablecloth totally transforms the space and the mood (What says vacation more than a lovely, casual linen fabric!?). But when I say linen here, I also mean it in the broader sense: literally any fabric or textile. A rug, some pillows, a summer blanket, window treatments… all of these items count as the type of linen that elevates any room and finishes it off. When you’re thinking of ways to update a space, linens are a really good place to start.

3. Foraged Florals & Natural Elements: Whether your style is a jungle of plants, or a single potted flower, bringing natural elements into a space is essential to creating a grounding moment. If you haven’t got a green thumb, I’d suggest foraging some flowers from the yard – or the grocery store – over any fake plant options. Or you could try hearty plants like tropicals and succulents that need less maintenance. Here, a potted geranium does the trick for topping the table! I love the movement in this plant, and it happens to smell amazing too!

potted geranium

4. Adding Personal Touches: The final piece in the puzzle when it comes to decorating or styling is one that often gets overlooked or is where people struggle most: bringing in your personality. This element often takes time to curate as it needs to be a piece that reflects you! It could be artwork that speaks to you, a souvenir brought home from travels, or a fun vintage find. In this space, the finishing touch really came from the set of vintage art prints hung on the wall.

potted geranium tabletop and vintage art five tips to styling any corner of your home for a relaxing chateau moment

Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel GOOD? We went from a very bare corner to the perfect spot to relax at the end of the day, with only a few additional touches! I should mention that keeping the palette neutral and natural also helps create that relaxing ambience… and keeps things easy for decor, too!

Now that we’ve applied these practices to a room, how about we set the table with them too?

five tips to styling any corner of your home for a relaxing chateau moment

We’ve already got the elements of comfort and the layered linen – next step, add nature! I foraged some dogwood from my own tree, and made an abundant centerpiece. I kept it feeling organic by letting the branches create their own wild movement.

setting a chateau style table with chateau ste michelle and coco kelley

Then, we add the finishing personal touches: My favorite gold flatware that feels extra special, block print napkins from India, an antique compote bowl from Italy for snacking, and the vintage vase are all from my personal collection. And now we’re ready for the last step…

setting a chateau style table with chateau ste michelle and coco kelley

5. Wine Time! Now that you’ve created a relaxing little haven for yourself, or friends, it’s time to enjoy it! Pour yourself a rewarding glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle wine in your favorite varietal, and savor the moment!!

While these tips are a good start to get you going in creating your own chateau moment in your home, we’ve got something even better for you. From now through August we’ve partnered with Chateau Ste. Michelle to bring you the chance to win a mood board complete with shoppable styling suggestions from me to give a corner of your home a little makeover! To enter, you can post an image on Instagram or Twitter, or go here to upload a photo of the space you’d like to refresh and turn into a chateau moment. Be sure to use #MyChateauSweeps and tag @ChateauSteMichelle if you enter on Instagram or Twitter. Valid dates of entry 7/20 12:00am PDT through 9/10 11:59pm PDT. And of course you can visit Chateau Ste Michelle online to explore some #MyChateau inspiration and learn more about this Washington State winery.

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