People have been constantly asking me about our wedding planning progress, and let me fill you in real quickly: There’s been NONE. My absence from the blog this week should be proof that, at the moment, I’m in way over my head. Between finishing up our kitchen renovation, moving offices (tomorrow!), traveling, holiday photo shoots, and – yes – we’ll be starting the One Room Challenge next week! Needless to say, I’ve been a bit busy. So, that my dear readers and friends is where you come in.

A few weeks ago I actually had a bit of time to start thinking about our wedding palette. And I found myself firmly divided between two very different looks. With venue and season factoring into the decision, I think I’m leaning towards one over the other but, I would love your input! Here are the options:

blush, ochre, soft green and pale blue wedding palette inspiration | coco kelley

I have an obsession with that ochre color, and I love it as a part of this palette because it breaks up the pastels. Since I was a teenger, no joke my favorite wedding colors were always blush and grey. Buuuuuut, to say that’s now been overdone is an understatement. Do I still love it? Heck yeah. So, I’m not giving up on it entirely, but I do want to balance it out with some other hues. The green here is representative more of greenery, not bridesmaids dresses or anything. Think of soft greens like eucalyptus and olive.

Why I love it: It’s soft, feminine, and romantic, and lends itself well to our venue and time of year. Also, it feels quite classic to me – I don’t think I’ll regret any of this years from now!

Why I don’t love it: It feels a little predictable?

blush, red, teal green, lilac wedding palette inspiration | via coco kelley

Hello, palette number two! I’m not going to lie – this is the palette I thought I’d be going with originally. I also thought we’d be getting married in a bit more of a rustic venue, which I think this lends itself well to. Think Italian Villa or winery. As it turns out, we fell in love with a seaside resort that feels quite a bit more Martha’s Vineyard.

Why I love it: The rich unexpected palette is still romantic, but dramatic and lends well to a potential black tie affair. Plus, the Dolce Vita factor.

Why I don’t love it: I’m not sure it complements our venue or our season ( late June).

Ok guys, have at it! Lay all the advice and your votes on me!

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