I had someone once ask me where and when I’m happiest, and I have to say… Supper Club is one of those moments. Normally I’d say it’s when I’m at home cooking in my kitchen, or when I’m the throws of styling for a client, so I supposed that Supper Club is the best of all of that… although I certainly stay out of JJ’s way in the kitchen.

Seattle Supper Club at the coco+kelley studio | coco+kelley

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

I’m perfectly content with setting the table and designing the flowers… prepping the room for our guests, and mixing up cocktails!

Seattle Supper Club - whiskey punch with lemon and elderflower | coco+kelley

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

The best part, however, is always meeting new people. The event is open to anyone. You buy a ticket, you’re in! We keep the seating small – usually 14 to 20 people – and that makes the evening more intimate.

seattle supper club | coco+kelley

Seattle Supper Club - chef JJ Proville | coco+kelley

My friend and talented Chef JJ Proville is our fearless leader for the evening, guiding us through appetizers and a four course meal complete with dessert at the end. Oh, and plenty of wine…

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

This last Supper Club we were honored to have Tenor Wines and Matthews Winery (they are owned locally by a wonderful family) sponsoring the wines for the evening. As an extra treat, we were able to experience the wines in the most delicately stunning wine glasses by Zalto. Now, I’m not much of a wine snob, but these were clearly special to anyone who handled them that evening.

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

As usual, the small but flavorful dishes that JJ prepared that evening were on point and incredibly fresh. He always sources the ingredients the day before if not the day of the dinner and you can taste the difference – always locally caught seafood and farm to table produce.

Seattle Supper Club - florals by Cassandra LaValle | coco+kelley

I source all the flowers from our local grower’s market as well, using whatever is seasonal to adorn our table. Lucky for us, at our last dinner Peonies were peaking! (PS – how pretty are these containers? I got them at Ikea and I’m obsessed!)

Seattle Supper Club | coco+kelley

Interested in joining us for our next Supper Club? Tickets are on sale now for July 25th. Snatch them up quick if you’re thinking about attending, they tend to go fast!

photography by belathée for coco+kelley

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