As any Northerner knows, February is the month to plan a getaway. And just when I was moping about not having booked flight anywhere … lucky me: I was offered an opportunity to speak at Modernism Week in Palm Springs (on the 17th)! Can I get a heck ya!? It may not be Marrakesh (my preferred February destination) but I have a feeling I’ll get my Moroccan decor fix anyway.

Of course, the biggest question when traveling anywhere is always: where to stay? And at the top of my list for a while now has been Holiday House.

Designed by Mark Sikes (whom many of you are familiar with if not from his interiors, then by his new fashion line!) it’s exactly what you would expect from the decorator. Preppy, fresh, tons of blue and white, and perfectly curated.

layers of blue on blue textiles at the holiday house palm springs | via coco kelley the monogram linens at Holiday House hotel in Palm Springs | coco kelley

The first thing to love about this hotel are the layers and layers of blue textiles. While the vibe is very Palm Springs in the fresh, colorful sense, it’s not as dedicated to being so Mid-Century modern, and I dig that too.

the holiday house in palm springs - suite with fun art | coco kelely preppy blue breakfast nook at Holiday House Palm Springs | coco kelley

The rooms are spacious, especially the suites! There’s a lovely airness to them, and it always feels like a treat to have a little breakfast nook incorporated into a hotel room. It’s very encouraging for staying in and sipping coffee in the morning!

the blue suites at holiday house palm springs hotel | coco kelley holiday house palm springs bedroom - blue on blue design | coco kelley a little bar vignette in the rooms at the Holiday House Palm Springs | tour on coco kelley

The second thing to love about the hotel is ART, ART, ART. It’s everywhere and it’s so fun! From the lobby and hallways to the rooms, the pieces selected are vibrant, fresh, and fun!

the lobby at Holiday House Palm Springs | tour on coco kelley layered art at Holiday House Palm Springs resort | coco kelley loving the art and all the blue at the Holiday House Palm Springs | tour on coco kelley

That little hockney-esque bedside piece is calling my name. I wonder if they sell these pieces to guests??

Holiday House Palm Springs | travel on coco kelley the cutest polka dot bikes at the Holiday House Palm Springs | tour on coco kelley

And, of course, there’s all the usual Palm Springs amenities: pool, alfresco dining, courtyards, and the most adorable polka-dot bikes to cruise around on.

Have you been to Palm Springs? And pro tips for me on shopping and dining while we’re there! I’m sure we’ll be crazy busy with house tours and all sorts of parties, but I want to see some of the local favorites too!


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