There’s one destination that has been on my mind lately, and that’s Australia. As if the beaches and sunshine weren’t enough to draw you in, the amazing interior design that has come out of this continent has me constantly wanting more… and wanting to visit!

Halcyon House near the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for it all. Just outside of Brisbane, and designed by one of my favorites, Anna Spiro, this hotel is the definition of wanderlust!

Halcyon House Australia | coco kelley cozy beach house decor at Halcyon House in Australia | coco kelley an art vignette at Halcyon House Australia design by Anna Spiro | coco kelley

As a designer, I think a boutique hotel is at the top of my bucket list. When you design for a client, you often come up with a million combinations of prints and patterns for one room, only to have to settle on one. Well, not here! The Halcyon House look is entirely based on the magical mix of textiles throughout the rooms, and I honestly can’t even pick a favorite.

the layered look of Halcyon House in Australia | wanderlust design coco kelley art layered on wallpaper | Halcyon House on coco kelley

If you twisted my arm, it might be this one. Brown is so underused in interiors these days, it’s almost refreshing to see it here! Of course, it has to be done just right, and I think in the context of a beach house it manages to feel light and fun.

Also, remember last week’s post on how to layer art on wallpaper? Nailed it.

Halcyon House bikes! | wanderlust design on coco kelley layered blue on blue textiles at Halcyon House | coco kelley the beachy decor at Halcyon House in Australia | coco kelley

The common spaces feel a bit Ralph Lauren, don’t you think? The use of antique and worn wood pieces throughout really give the place a feeling of having been there forever, when – in fact – the hotel is quite new. And how about the basket lamps throughout? I’ve always had an aversion to them in their wicker form – all I can think of is awful cottage decor – but here? They are so perfect in their texture!

layered patterned guest rooms at Halcyon House | coco kelley layered textiles at Halcyon House | wanderlust design on coco kelley

Again, with the brown and white wallpaper! This bedroom is a bit more my style at home, but when escaping reality, I might opt for the more colorful Suzani. I imagine I’d come back from a stay here not only feeling refreshed but absolutely inspired!

The restaurant also boast some fun and fresh decor…

paper daisy restaurant Halcyon House | wanderlust design on coco kelley

Art seems to be a continuous theme throughout the hotel, and I love all the vignettes with their beachy themes and portraits.

Paper Daisy beach decor restaurant | coco kelley the high contrast blue and white decor at Halcyon House | wanderlust design coco kelley

One of the hardest tasks when designing spaces like these is filling the space. I love the shelves of blue books here! It brings a coziness to the bar area that makes it feel like home, rather than filling it with kitchen items.

paper daisy restaurant at Halcyon House | coco kelley

And then, of course, there’s the pool…

the pool at Halcyon House | wanderlust design coco kelley the pool at Halcyon House in Australia | wanderlust design coco kelley

Yes please to that long banquette of loungers! The beach is also right there, so a small pool will suffice for those who enjoy a little more service with their sunbathing. Are you sold yet?

the sunny decor at Halcyon House and how to get the look | coco kelley

And because I couldn’t resist – a little ‘get the look’ seemed in order here. Because while most of us will not be hopping a plane to this destination anytime soon (sob), there’s no reason you can’t bring this sunny, patterned style to your own home!

get the look of Halcyon House in Australia | via coco kelley

1. ‘hunan’ wallpaper | 2. wayne pate artwork | 3. white & brass task lamp | 4. otomi headboard | 5. antique french side table | 6. john robshaw pillow | 7. vintage basket lamp | 8. riviera dining chair

You may have noticed that there is actually a plethora of Wayne Pate artwork throughout Halcyon House, which I love. He is hands down one of my favorites. And while I only showed the more classic combo of blue on blue here with the textiles selected, really the possibilities are endless when it comes to layering this look in the bedroom! I’ve mentioned a few times that I really want to do a wallpaper wall in our own master, and this basically sealed the deal for me. Which is your favorite combo?

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