I woke this morning in a total winter funk… typical for this time of year. Not that I can complain – the sun is shining today, and we haven’t had a drop of snow on the ground! But, I’m simply not a winter person. But – c’est la vie. We do have a few more months to get through, and I figure we might as well embrace it, right? Right. 

So I spent the morning culling through some winter street style looks to inspire my wardrobe choices for the coming months… which also goes along with my resolution to make more an effort actually style myself a bit more when leaving the house.

winter street style inspiration - short sleeved sweaters // coco kelley

Inspiration 1: short sleeved sweaters. Or sweater dresses for that matter. I’m taking major note of this easy look for days when I’m already running late for a meeting because I think this falls into the category of big style return for minimal effort.  Thinking this one would do the trick.

winter street style inspiration - pinstripe coats // coco kelley

Inspiration 2: Pinstripe coats. I’m obviously loving me a little menswear style these days, so a navy blue pinstripe coat should be a pretty obvious choice for my wardrobe. I have a feeling I’ll be hunting the vintage stores for something like this asap, but you can also get the coat right here. winter street style inspiration - lots of layers // coco kelley

Inspiration 3: Crazy Good Layers. I love layering. In fact, our weather kind of requires it all year long, so I’d say I’ve gotten pretty good at it! The trick is not looking like a marshmallow by the end of the process. Maja Wyh is pretty much the queen of this style (on the right) so if you want to know how to it off, look no further than her blog. My first rule of layering? Grab a really great vest. winter street style inspiration - monocromatic pieces // coco kelley

Inspiration 4: Go Tonal. Another look that’s fairly easy to pull off, the monochromatic scheme is great if you have a signature color in your wardrobe. I have quite a bit of army green myself (and of course tons of black) but maybe I’ll add some pants in a similar hue to top things off… something like these.

winter street style inspiration - plaid on plaid // coco kelley

Inspiration 4: Plaid on Plaid. I mean, as if you needed an excuse to add more to your wardrobe. Whether it’s adding a coat (loving this one), sweater, or scarf to the mix, totally do the plaid on plaid thing. The trick is finding patterns in different scales so as not offend your friends’ or coworkers’ eyeballs.

most images via elle magazine and stockholm street style

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