With so much brick in my new place, I’ve inevitably stumbled black into my comfort zone of a very black and white palette in planning the decor, so this dining room by Brooke Harris had me at hello…

blair harris black and white dining room

The key to this look (for me, anyways) is the addition of wood, plants, and inviting textures to warm everything up. I feel like I should be so sick of these Moroccan rugs by now, but I have to say that they just work so well, it’s hard not to love them. I’m trying my best not to use one in my new place, but I may have to sneak a small one in!

The grain on that dining table is just gorgeous, and are those beautiful brass legs I see? The bounty of plants provide a greenhouse effect in this room full of windows, which I love. If I had more privacy, I’d be all about those roman sheers in my place too.

blair harris black and white dining room with piano

I’m also impressed by the placement of the dining area in the windows as opposed to closer to the kitchen. I’ve just done the same thing (in my much smaller loft) moving the dining space by the windows and I love it.

That pendant certainly never gets old, does it?

blair harris piano vignette

Of course, a little architectural detail goes a long way as well.

The way the art and the piano are placed allow for a nice transition space between the dining room and living area. If you check out the entire project you’ll see how this room flows into a living area, and another casual living space that has been designed into the kitchen. I am all for this idea of having a comfortable seating area closer to the hub of the house, and placing the dining room further away in a beautiful setting.

images :: design by  blair harris // photography by jessica glynn

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