We never throw a party around here without bringing you a signature drink to bring to the table! So, for our Queen of Hearts, we dreamed up a unique cocktail with a little bite…

the royal blush cocktail coco+kelley1

Of course the name plays homage to our game night theme, our muse, and the gorgeous color of this strawberry infused cocktail!

the royal blush cocktail coco+kelley3

I’ve never had a chili pepper vodka before, but I thought it sounded like a good beginning ingredient for a Valentine’s Day Party cocktail. I was expecting a bit more spice, but really, it’s quite a savory mixer. If you’re not one for these types of drinks, you may not enjoy the way the strawberry plays with the pepper for a really unique flavor, but I have to say I was intrigued and impressed with what we came up with!

the royal blush cocktail coco+kelley4

The Royal Blush // makes two cocktails


  • For extra spice add in two slices of fresh jalepeño pepper OR
  • For an extra layer of flavor, muddle in fresh basil
  • Replace the grenadine with an orange liquor instead
the royal blush cocktail coco+kelley2

To start, take the strawberries you’ve sliced, and muddle them up a bit with either the jalepenos or basil (or leave them plain!). Throw the strawberries into the shaker along with the agave, vodka, and splash of grenadine. Squeeze in the lime juice and shake shake shake! This cocktail benefits from some serious mixing.

Strain into two martini glasses and garnish with a slice of strawberry… and enjoy!

the royal blush cocktail coco+kelley5

My favorite part about putting together cocktails for these parties (besides taste-testing them, of course) is to learn more about combining flavors, and to see how all we all react to them! Some of my office mates really weren’t into the cocktail until we swapped the grenadine for a bit of orange liquor (like a Cointreau) and I preferred a bit of fresh basil to mine to elevate the flavor a bit.

Be your own bartender and try the cocktail at home in the way you think you’ll like it best, and don’t be afraid to experiment! The best part of mixology is creating your own unique twist on the recipes we give you – and then sharing them with your friends of course!

// photography by belathee

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